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Igole is a Bow Wow's pet of Nox and a supporting antagonist of Season 1 in Wakfu. He proves to be a very voracious and restless animal who is in charge of some missions that Nox gives him, capturing everything in his reach. Igôle is the one who led Nox to the Eliacube, and even went so far as to inadvertantly revive it by treating it as a chew toy.


Igole has colors that look very akin to a hyena, with a mane like a lion, and a body similar to that of a weasel or a lizard.

Powers and Abilities

Igole can travel at extremely fast speed (most likely given to him by his control collar) and has the ability to run on water to get from island to island when traveling oversea. His collar, infused with Xelor magic, boosts his physical abilities much higher than they usually would be, giving him Super Speed and, in a pinch, providing the very same Time Stands Still ability Nox uses.



Igole in Nox history.

When the flying clock runs out of power, it will crash miserably near a cave entrance. Igôle, the family dog, rushes to retrieve her, but instead of coming back to his master, he seems drawn to something inside the cave. Finally he enters which forces Noximilien to seek him inside. After a few meters of gallery, Noximilien discovers a huge underground room with a sort of small pond in its center. Floating between the waters is the Eliacube, a strange artefact that radiates energy. Igôle is so fascinated by this object that he dives in and catches it with his mouth. This unfortunate gesture provokes an immense discharge of energy which will knock Noximilien down and leave some consequences for Igôle. He seems to have lost some neurons, but in return he gained exceptional longevity.

Igôle has been stuck for two hundred years with Nox, subject to his ramblings and occasional death threats, and most likely being kept alive by unstable magic just so that Nox can have some remnant of his old life. It's left the poor animal rather high strung. His last appearance also strongly implies that he pines after the absence of Nox's children, which ultimately forms the basis of his Heel–Face Turn.

Wakfu (TV series)

Gifted with amazing speed, Nox uses him to hunt down Yugo and Adamai while they look for Grougaloragran's Dofus in the desert. Igole the "doggie" of Nox was sent to their search and he eventually found them and he attacked Adamaï first. The young dragon tries to defeat him, but the electronic collar that Igole carries increases his strength.

Before finishing the episode 19, on the top of a rock, Igole howled to in the moonlight.


Igole is much faster than Yugo, Az and Adamaï. The only solution to escape him is to teleport into a shadowy area very far from him. Given the sunshine, the monster can not cross such a large distance in an area so exposed to the sun. He is obliged to wait in the shade for the sun to set. Meanwhile Yugo and his friends take the opportunity to get ahead by teleporting from one gray area to another. On the other hand poor Igole finds himself alone in the middle of the void and realizes too late that his jump is a bit too short. Yugo then watches him fall for several hundred meters. The precipice is so deep that he does not even see it crashing.

Due in part to memories of his family life before Ogrest's Chaos resurfacing. A little Osamodas girl named Lotie that resembled her caused Igol to change his ways, and soon he was freed from Nox's control and now lives with her. She also calls him Crazy-Eyes. In the prequel, he was drawn as a dog. This is because Igol is a Bow Wow by species.

Wakfu: The Guardians

Igole comic.png

Igôle is a monster. He meets during the second fight of the twenty-first mission: Igôle. Igôle is the central element of a mini-game in which you have to eat healthy Sutcaques without touching the rotten Sutcaques (easily identifiable by their appearance), while avoiding being attacked by Igôle himself. At the start of the fight, Igôle will summon Sutcaques, after which he will attempt to attack the players.

Wakfu - Volume 4

Igole makes a minor appearance when Adamai visits Lotie, seeing him as he has lived alongside her after years of being adopted.


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