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Igor and Vlad are the main antagonists of the Milo Murphy's Law episode "The Dog Who Knew Too Much". They are a duo of inept criminal spies.

Igor was voiced by Dan Povenmire, and Vlad was voiced by Jeff "Swampy" Marsh.


In the episode, Perry the Platypus was informed by Major Monogram that Igor and Vlad are involved in smuggling valuable information to each other and that they are meeting together at a toddler talent show disguised at a child and a stage mom. Monogram also informed that the info is stored in a flash drive shaped like a cookie and that Igor will be handing it over to Vlad during the show.

Disguised as a female toddler, Perry mistook a real toddler and mom for Igor and Vlad, just as the real Igor and Vlad showed up in their disguises. However, the flashdrive ends up being swallowed by Milo's dog Diogee (much to Perry's annoyance), so Igor and Vlad decided to reclaim the drive by killing Diogee.

The two criminals chase after Perry and Diogee from the show into the streets, stealing an old woman's cart to speed up, though the old woman beats them up with her cane for this. Igor and Vlad manage to track down Perry and Diogee at the Harry Hamster building, only for Perry to trap the duo in a coin-operated rocket machine, much to their discomfort. Perry then takes Diogee to the bathroom to puke out the flashdrive and give it to his contact.

It can be implied that Igor and Vlad were arrested for their crimes and sent to prison afterwards.


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