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You try to get Igor. Igor get you.
~ Igor to Carl and Anna

Igor is a supporting antagonist in the 2004 dark fantasy horror action film Van Helsing. He was a former assistant of Dr. Victor Frankenstein and a well-paid loyal minion of Count Dracula.

He was portrayed by Kevin J. O'Connor, who also played Beni Gabor in The Mummy, and Dr. Mindbender in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.


Igor secretly served Count Dracula while being employed by Dr. Victor Frankenstein as his assistant. After the doctor successfully created a creature, Dracula came to the laboratory to collect the monster for his own nefarious plans. Dr. Frankenstein called out to Igor for help, but the assistant chose to betray him citing that while he was kind and loving to him, Dracula pays him. He was never fond of his first master, who was "kind" to him, but seemed unable to pay. He betrayed Dr. Frankenstein when Count Dracula offered to pay him. Igor then witnessed Dracula kill the doctor and the former assistant fled the lab while the creature momentarily knocked Dracula out and carried his "father" away. Igor then fled Castle Frankenstein when it was attacked by an angry mob. While making his escape, Igor saw the creature carry its creator to the old Windmill and called out his former employer's name, which was heard by the mob and Igor fled while it chased after the monster.

A year later, Igor continued working for Dracula and his Brides serving as a loyal commander of the Dwergi and willing to help him achieve his goal. When Igor joined Dracula, he took a fancy to torturing the imprisoned members of the castle with his electric spear, even Dracula's minion, the Wolfman. Igor later conducted another experiment to bring life to Dracula's offspring in Castle Frankenstein using the Wolfman who was really Velkan Valerious as a power conductor. While the children were temporary brought to life, Igor saw through the machines that they were losing power and yelled the human host was insufficient but still ordered the generators be accelerated and power the dynamos. After the experiment failed, Dracula was above the castle with his Brides sobbing in the background and Igor apologized to his master as they were not as smart as the former Dr. Frankenstein who most likely took the key to life to his grave.

On All Hollow's Eve, Dracula hosted a masquerade ball in his palace in Budapest while Igor and a batch of vampires managed to find and capture the Frankenstein Monster. During the ball, Igor and the minions entered the ball with the creature with Igor gleefully telling his master they had him. Igor and the Dwergi then boarded a row boat with the captured Frankenstein and Igor taunted the creature telling him to say goodbye to his friends and mockingly waved at Van Helsing who was trapped behind a gate. The rowboat then approached a waiting ship and Igor, Dwergi and Frankenstein departed Budapest going to Dracula's secret lair.

Later, Van Helsing managed to find and successfully invade Castle Dracula along with Princess Anna Valerious and friar Carl. Entering the castle, Igor was the first one to spot them and attempted to warn his master about the intruders but Van Helsing nailed him to the wall in order to question him about the Monster. Van Helsing then heard a guttural roar and Igor deviously said his master had awakened. Van Helsing, who had been bitten by the werewolf, threatened the greedy assistant, Igor convinced him to lead the group to the very room where Count Dracula stored the only known antidote to the curse of the Werewolf. Carl and Anna then forced Igor to show them the cure but were led into a trap by the treacherous hunchback. However Igor set up a trap for them due to the sudden appearance of one of Dracula's Brides, Anna battled Aleera in order to give Carl enough time to get the antidote to Van Helsing.

During the final battle, Van Helsing goes to confront Dracula while Carl fled the cure tower with the antidote. Carl got delayed by the outside thunderstorms and was chased by Igor who carried a shock lance trying to zap Carl. Frankenstein's Monster then swung down and managed to accidentally bump Igor off the bridge only for him to fall to his death, saving Carl.


  • The role of Igor was written specifically for Stephen Sommer's friend and frequent collaborator Kevin J. O'Connor.
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