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Oh great and mighty Boccowaus, only a single world remains to be contained within a Tojiru Gear until we've subjugated them all. Yes.
~ Ijirude's status report to Great King Boccowaus in the first episode.

King Boccowaus!!!
~ Ijirude's final words before his death

Mechanic Officer Ijirude is an officer of the Tojitendo and a major antagonist in the 45th installment of the Super Sentai franchise, Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. He is responsible for the Tojiru Gears used to create Worlds and Kudaitests.

He is voiced by Masanori Takeda.


After a portion of Kikaitopia mysteriously fused with the Earth from Kaito Goshikida's world, Great King Boccowaus ordered Ijirude to invade it and trap it inside a Tojiru Gear. However, for an unexplained reason Ijirude was unable to trap the 45th world inside a Tojiru Gear, nor was he able to deduce why the world had fused with part of Kikaitopia. In his meeting with the Great King, Ijirude reported to Boccowaus that it was the only world left for them to conquer, but Boccowaus was displeased with the lack of progress in invading the final world. Vroon, who was mopping the floor, then attempted to ask what was going on but Ijirude zapped him with his staff. Gege then suggested that they invade it to add more territory to the Tojitendo's domain, to which Boccowaus agreed and instructed Barashitara to lead the invasion.

After Barashitara's advance attack was fought off by Zenkaizer and ZenkaiZyuran, Ijirude decided to use one of his Tojiru Gears to create a World to invade the universe. Arriving on Earth, Ijirude summoned a Kudakk and placed a Tojiru Gear onto it, turning it into the Mushroom World. After the Mushroom World was destroyed by the Zenkaigers, Ijirude summoned a Kudaitest to deal with them, only for the Kudaitest to accidentally step on the Tojiru Gear left behind by the Mushroom World and be transformed into the Great Mushroom World.

When Barashitara returned from leading an attack with Ice World, Ijirude mocked him for slipping on the ice created by the World and commented that his Tojiru Gears must be stronger. Barashitara rebuffed him and claimed that the only reason he slipped was because it wasn't tuned for his use.

After Vroon discovered that the captured worlds of the Tojitendo were being liberated and reported it to Ijirude, Ijirude set out to have him eliminated to keep him from revealing the secret. Vroon escaped into the World of Zenkaiger, where he joined up with the Zenkaigers and became their fifth member.

While Barashitara sent out Garbage World, Ijirude stayed in his laboratory to work on a new device, leading the other Tojitendo generals to wonder what he was up to.

Ijirude's new device would turn out to be the Geartozinger, which he gave to Stacey to use against the Zenkaigers. Upon witnessing the device overpower the Zenkaigers, Boccowaus commended Ijirude for his engineering talent while Gege commented on how he was able to build it in such a short time. Barashitara would later approach Ijirude and ask why he gave the device to Stacey, to which Ijirude answered he wanted someone as close to a human as possible to wield it, as Zenkaizer was also a human.

When Stacey's summons suddenly however, Boccowaus demanded an explanation from Ijirude, who stated that Stacey had summoned so many mechas the Gear had run out of power.

After Twokaizer showed up and drove Stacey off, Stacey asked Ijirude who Twokaizer and demanded to know why he hadn't warned him, but Ijirude stated he had no idea Twokaizer would show up. Gege then commented that it was curious that the World Pirates they had encountered before would choose to show up now, before Boccowaus demanded another explanation from Ijirude and pounded his fist so hard it caused Ijirude to fall over. Ijirude told Boccowaus he would develop a countermeasure at once before getting up and telling Stacey to come with him.

While Barashitara reported to Boccowaus, Ijirude continued his work on a countermeasure to Twokaizer, all while being watched by Stacey.

In the midst of the Great Onigokko World's destruction, Ijirude oversaw the construction of a colossal mecha which he commented he hoped to finish soon.

Stacey later came up to Ijirude and asked if it would be done soon, to which Ijirude answered it was almost ready and he was putting the finishing touches on it. It would later be completed just as the Zenkaigers were facing off against the Great Snail World, leading Ijirude to hand his new creation, Battle Caeser Robo, over to Stacey for him to take out into the field.

When Stacey stepped forward to confront Barashitara after hearing him dismiss the performance of Battle Caeser Robo, Ijirude put his staff in front of him to hold him back. Ijirude then asked Barashitara why he had taken the fake Tojiru Gears left over from his experiments to create the Geartozinger, to which Barashitara answered that he was "recycling" them.


  • He is named after the Japanese word for "tinkering" (いじる Ijiru).


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