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Ijuna is an antagonist of Edens Zero. She is Poseidon Shura's assistant of the Nero Empire.


Ijuna is a dark-haired woman, who wears a dark sleeveless suit that is open on the front of her torso leaving it an open cleavage.


Ijuna appears with the rest of the Oceans 6 on the meeting. She later appears with Shura and the four younger generals on another planet.

Along with Shura, she goes to fight the squad led by Eraser. She also watches when Shura kills a general for calling her his comfort woman.

After the defeat of the younger Oceans 6 members, Ijuna calls them all failures with an arrogant smile.

She is then confronted by Shiki and Rebecca, who then fall in love due to touching her red strings and even after the strings are ripped apart they fight each other until Lagura comes in and turns them into water and they're taken away. Then, she fights Laguna and takes him down. Right after she tells her story as "Princess" of the rebell group where she was defeated and tortured by Shura until she fell in love with him due to how lonely she felt he was and likely as part of Stockholm Syndrome and is now his secretary that protects him. As it turns, she has brainwashed herself to escape further torture. Short after, during her battle with Laguna, Laguna overpowers her and breaks the string that ties her to Shura and ends her brainwashing.

Then, Laguna tries to get her out, but notices, she isn't there.

It is then revealed she has followed Shura and found him in the room where he hides himself and admits she has fallen with him. Soon after, both are killed in the explosion that happens when the timer of Shura's bombs set on Oceans 1, but teleported to their planet, reaches zero.


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