Kneel before my mighty form!
~ Ikazuki

Ikazuki is an antagonist in the fourth season of Jackie Chan Adventures. He is one of the Oni Generals, and the second in command after Tarakudo. Like the other generals, he was trapped inside a mask.

He was voiced by Maurice LaMarche.


His mask is retrieved by the Enforcers on a fishing boat, so Finn decides to wear it, as both Chow and Ratso had worn a mask before. Jackie Chan interrupts them and manage to get the mask. Uncle and Tohru study the mask and reveal this mask represents Ikazuki, so Jade give the idea of using the Rat Talisman to animate the mask and ask it on a way to defeat Tarakudo. As they use the talisman, Ikazuki awakes believing he had been worn and attempt to summon Shadowkhan, but to no avail. Obviously, Ikazuki refuses to help the Chans, even after Jade threatens him, revealing he wants to be worn by Tohru because of his immense body. As Uncle and Tohru were in bad terms with each other, they start a discussion, so Ikazuki takes the opportunity to escape Sector 13. After wandering around, he ends on the driver seat of a car. Finn enters the car and sits over Ikazuki, who ends struck on his butt. The Chans find them and a fight ensues. The Shadowkhan summoned by Ikazuki manage to capture Tohru, imprisoning him on a warehouse where Finn and Ikazuki play a “good cop, bad cop” with Tohru, asking for the removal potion. They are found again, and another fight starts. Finn manages to get the potion himself and remove the mask from his rear, running away to find a bathroom. The rat talisman is then removed from Ikazuki, who becomes an inanimate mask again.

Samurai Khan

Ikazuki's shadowkhan

After all masks are retrieved, the Oni Generals break free from the masks, so Ikazuki and Tarakudo take over Sector 13 and make it their base, while the other generals spread darkness over the world. Tarakudo imprison Jackie Chan and his friends on a jail, but there they learn about the existence of a mask for Tarakudo, managing to retrieve it from the Shadow Domain. Tarakudo attempts to kill them, but they escape, so Ikazuki tries to intervene, only to be tackled by El Toro and Viper. Like all other generals, Ikazuki ends trapped inside of Tarakudo's mask.

Physical Appearance

When Ikazuki was a mask, his face was blue with yellow eyes. As he was free, he wore a helmet and black samurai armor.


  • The name "Ikazuki" is Japanese for thunder.


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