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He loves tinkering with old things, it's a... personal passion of his. So, he converted these old ruins into a Ruin Guard research lab. [...] I can only imagine that he's gotten bored of playing around with them, and has lost interest in this place.
~ Tartaglia, about Dottore and his research lab in Liyue.
Allow me to formally introduce my very humble... Master Il Dottore. My master is one of the Eleven. And the very champion who defeated Ursa the Drake. This heroic feat is well-known to the people of Mond.
~ His servant, Krupp to Diluc.

Il Dottore, also known by his codename The Doctor, is a background antagonist in the 2020 action role-playing fantasy video game Genshin Impact and the main antagonist of its accompanying prequel manhua series of the same name.

Dottore was one of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers that enforced the will of the Tsaritsa of Snezhnaya across Teyvat, and was known as an eccentric genius who conducted unethical experiments to create "enhanced humans."

Il Dottore is voiced by Mick Wingert in English and by Toshihiko Seki in Japanese. Wingert has also voiced Shin Uchiha in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations and Howard Phillips Lovecraft in Bungo Stray Dogs. Seki has also voiced Muzan Kibutsuji in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and Rau Le Creuset in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.


Dottore is a cold-hearted scientist that cares little about human lives, as he doesn't care about the death of two of the Fatui diplomats and killed one of his subordinates, Krupp, of his failure and leaking out information. After another one of his subordinates failed as well, he orders for him to be disposed.


Il Dottore is a tall man with red eyes, pale skin, and light blue short curly hair. His face is covered almost completely by a white and black mask except for part of his lower right side. The Fatui Symbol is on top on his left side. He wears a large glowing blue earring on his right ear which resembles a vial. He has different outfits in the manga, his most prominent outfit being that of a white coat over a white shirt and striped vest. He wears a pink bow tie and dark dark pants.

In the Chapter Interlude Teaser, Dottore wears a long mask which covers only his eyes along with a large fur coat which is decorated with the Fatui emblem. His earring is noticeably smaller. His hair is also longer.


Dottore was once chased down in his hometown by a group of angry mobs for his unethical human experiments involving "enhanced humans". He was later admitted to the Sumeru Academia, only to be ostracized. Dottore was later then approached by Pierro, the 1st of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers in order to help him with his research. Dottore got his name and title as The Doctor which finds "humourously ironic".

Il Dottore is introduced as being a Fatui Harbinger and a diplomat to Mondstadt. His subordinate Krupp introduces him as the Harbinger who killed Ursa the Drake, a dragon that has been terrorizing Mondstadt for centuries. By doing so, Dottore made Mondstadt indebted to the Fatui.

He probably had a hand on Ursa's attack on Diluc and Crepus' caravan, which resulted in Crepus' death. This was covered up by the one of the Knights of Favonius, Inspector Eroch, who later was found out to be a traitor and working with the Fatui.

After the death of La Signora, Dottore and the rest of the Fatui Harbingers arranged her burial.


  • The words "Il Dottore" translate to "the Doctor" in Italian.
  • Like the other Fatui Harbingers, Dottore's name and alias were derived from a stock character in commedia dell'arte, a form of traditional Italian pantomime theater characterized by its masked characters and representation of fixed social types. In commedia dell'arte, Il Dottore was an intelligent, wealthy, and decedent womanizer considered a foil to the wealthy merchant Pantalone.


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