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Ilgishin's true form, which is literally resembles a hybrid of famous horror film antagonists.

Ilgishin (イルギシン Irugishin) is a Horror that emerged from an old horror film that is able to sent people into illusionary worlds, possessing characteristics of various Horror movie characters.

It is portrayed by Kitaro.

Personality and Traits

Inspired by Harima’s passion on horror films, Ilgishin has evovled into sadistic demon whom loves to torture his victims by banished them into horror film-based pocket dimensions to watch them killed by monstrous antagonists.

Harima’s passion also caused the Horror whom, upon the possession, evolved into a hybrid demon whom is literally part Freddy Krueger, part Leatherface, and part Pinhead. Ilgishin has Krueger’s claws as right hand, Leatherface’s signature chainsaw that integrated on his left hand in the same manner how Ash Williams from Evil Dead would attached his mighty chainsaw on, and Pinhead’s spikes on his head. This resulting him possesses many of the said antagonists' powers.

Ilgishin's trump card however, was his ability to create horror-film styled pocket dimensions which are:

  • Night of Souls: Pocket dimension based on the film Night of the Living Dead. In this dimension, the victim would be surrounded by zombies whom can be killed by attacking their brain.
  • 28 Days Later Based Unnamed Dimension: This dimension taking form of unknown city full of Infected that would chase anyone whom entered it.
  • Scream Franchise Based Unnamed Dimension: This dimension taking form of a stylish house that inhabited by Ghostface-esque monster with more skull-like face.
  • Freddy Krueger's Dreamworld Based Dimension: This dimension taking form of prison hallway.


  • Ilgishin is the homage of various horror movie films as stated before.
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