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Illega was a major antagonist of the manga Edens Zero. He is an obese frog-like alien who collects women and schemes to kidnap the B-Cubers, the women he treasured the most. It is said that he hired 30 mercenaries to kidnap 30 B-Cubers.


Illega paid mercenaries to kidnap several B-Cubers across the world because they were the women that he treasured the most. Unfortunately, the mercenaries themselves didn't get paid thanks to them bringing around B-Cubers including Rebecca. Basically, Illega has them stripped naked and turned into stone so that he could either keep them as his personal furniture or as statues for him to admire.

At one point, Illega forces a woman to be on her knees and hands as she was turned into stone and Illega later releases a bubbly substance that causes their clothes to melt off.

When Rebecca, Miss Copa and other hostages tries to make an escape, Illega found Rebecca and nearly defeated her, quipping that he will try to make her as his personal toy. Fortunately however, Shiki defeats him and the two manages to run away. However, the two of them stumbled across Illega's room and discovered that he collects around hundreds of women and turned them into stone. Illega shows up while holding a gun against the head of the child of Miss Copa. Illega promises to let Miss Copa go for that if Rebecca becomes his toy and kneels before him. Once she does so, he presses his foot against her head swearing allegiance towards him as a toy.

However, dangerous beings known as Chronophages who are notorious for eating planets to the point that they can make said planet go back to their past time or in worst case, ceasing to exist appear and due to that news, Illega attempts to escape to the other planet while bringing Rebecca with him and as a result (His only concern is his precious statues that could be destroyed), Rebecca defeats him and while he doesn't die and it is unknown what happened to him, but later it was revealed that he ceased to exist thanks to Chronopages, ending the alien collector's life once and for all.


Illega is a perverted, tyrannical and greedy alien without remorse who kidnapped women and turned them into stones for his own personal toys or furniture. He is also shown to be cowardly since he tried to escape from his Guiler when the Chronophages are after it.


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