Gruppenführer, get that car's license plate number. We're gonna kill that son of a bitch.
~ The head Nazi after being forced into the river by Elwood.

The Illinois Nazi Leader, also known as the Head Nazi, was an antagonist in the 1980 movie The Blues Brothers.

He was portrayed by the late Henry Gibson.

Based near Chicago, the Illinois Nazi Leader and his band of Nazis won a court case allowing them to march. They promptly did so at Marquette Park on Chicago's southwest side, and were faced by a number of protesters as they crossed a bridge. While the Illinois Nazi Leader was giving his speech, a number of cars were lined up waiting to cross the bridge. When Jake and Elwood found out it was Illinois Nazis on the bridge, they went around the cars ahead of them and sped toward the Illinois Nazi Leader and his men, forcing them all to jump off the bridge into the river.

The Illinois Nazi Leader ordered his gruppenführer to get the license plate of Jake and Elwood's car so they could track them down and kill them.

He and the other Nazis caught up with Jake and Elwood in Chicago while the two made their way to the Cook County Tax Assessor's office. Chasing them through the streets of Chicago they followed Jake and Elwood on to an incomplete freeway. When they came to the end of the completed roadway Elwood forced his car to back flip over the car the leader was riding in.

After seeing Jake and Elwood's car fly over them, the Illinois Nazi Leader's car flew off the roadway. While the car was falling towards the ground the Nazi leader's driver said he had always loved the Illinois Nazi Leader. Their car crashed on a Chicago street, and another Illinois Nazi car crashed into them.


  • The Illinois Nazi Leader's actual name was not revealed in the film. The movie had listed as the "Head Nazi" in the credits.