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The All Seeing Eye: Emblem of the Illuminati

The Illuminati, also known as The Triangle, is the name of a mysterious secret society and is one of the most recurring themes in all of fiction. Its theme is usually the same as the X-Files theme song.

  • Hip Hop Illuminati; Conspirators from the The Cleveland Show who perpetuate black-stereotypes in order to exploit their fellow African Americans for money and prestige.
  • Illuminati (Deus Ex); Secret Society that controls the world from behind the scenes, specifically interested in social engineering of augmented humans.
  • Illuminati (Secret World); Secret Society that controls world governments and the Americas in particular, devout Social Darwinists and hedonists that keep The Secret World secret.
  • Illuminati (Street Fighter); Street Fighter III's main antagonistic organization of cultists who are dedicated to world domination.
  • Illuminati (Texas Chainsaw Massacre); Shadowy government sub-group that appears to be in the midst of a psychological fear study.