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This is appalling, I want these people to know the meaning of fear!
~ Rothman of the Order of the Illuminati to Vilmer Slaughter.

The Illuminati, also known as the Order of the Illuminati, is a secret organization. They serve as the main antagonistic faction of Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation.


Near the ending of the movie, Vilmer Slaughter is seen talking with some Illuminati members, it's revealed that Vilmer is actually a pawn and member of the secret organization, it is said that they need Vilmer and the rest of the family to spread fear among the others, probably in the name of the Illuminati.


Rothman and two other agents turn up at the Slaughter house and Jenny, thinking they're policemen, rushes at them and says to help them because the family are monsters. Rothman then consoles her and pretends to be shocked by Vilmer, he actually is shocked, but only because he thinks Vilmer's techniques are ineffective and he feels let down that Vilmer is not doing his job properly. Rothman then scolds Vilmer and reminds him of the organization's intent for spreading fear. He tells Vilmer to do the job properly this time or he'll get him next.

When the agents leave, an angry Vilmer tortures Jenny more and kills her friend Heather and then they begin to try and rape Jenny. Vilmer gets Leatherface to kill Jenny but he inevitably fails.

Jenny escapes the Slaughter family but Vilmer chases her. He follows her onto the fields and tries to get her shot but a plane hits him on the head, killing him instantly. Then Jenny finds a black government limousine and gets inside, believing herself safe.

However, to her shock, its an Illuminati limousine and Rothman is inside. He is very pleased she survived because he can evaluate her fear. Jenny just says "Fuck you" to Rothman but he is unmoved and drives her off to an unknown fate.



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