Ilsa is a ruthless warden and the titular antagonist of the film series. She took on several occupations throughout the film series.

She was portrayed by Dyanne Thorne.


She is a Nazi commander and warden during World War 2. Ilsa was regarded as one of Hitler's best commanders and feared by her foes. In the Nazi camp, she tortures her prisoners and subject her male inmates into cruel torment by rape and seduces them. One prisoner, Wolfe managed to resist her and Ilsa fell in love with him. He managed to tie Ilsa to her bed and left to free the other prisoners. The Nazis stormed into Ilsa's cabin and she thought that they would rescue her. However, they shot her in the head and the war was over.

Ilsa somehow returned from the dead and lead a sex trade for the Shariff in the Arabian Dessertafter World War 2. She tries to overthrow the Shariff and it was a success. The prince who was the Shariff's nephew rose to power and gained control of the lands. Ilsa hoped to be his right-hand instead she was imprisoned to slow starvation.

She later escaped to the Soviet Union and became a Communist and lead a prison camp. She made all of the men compete in an arm-wrestling match. The winner gets to sleep with Ilsa and the loser loses an arm. Ilsa also broke the prisoners' will except one. Stalin's death and the fall of Communism made the prisoner move to Canada. Ilsa however went there too. Twenty years later, not aging a day, she discovered the prisoner moved to Canada too. She invited him to her brothel to break his will again. It failed and Ilsa tries to seduce however she was left in the cold.

Ilsa managed to return and became a warden of a prison in the Banana Republic. But, it didn't end well for Ilsa as she ended up ripped apart and eaten by her prisoners and was defeated for good.


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