Imaginee is the main antagonist of the web series 'The autistic world of the autist' and its prequel webcomic 'TAWOTA Therapy sessions'. He is the self-proclaimed "evilest being imaginable" and an enemy to the protagonists, Leon and Brian, despite them being ordinary non-powered beings. He also very frequently stomps around in his giant robot screaming "FEAR MY GIANT ROBOT HEAD".


Most of what I told you was nothing more than a bunch of crap, so let me educate you on my actual past and what I will get up to after I'm done torturing you
~ Imaginee, telling his past to Dr Kitt-Zel before torturing her

Not much is known about Imaginee's past other than the fact that his father was also a super-villain and that his mother died giving birth to him. After his mother's death, his father fell into an alcoholic depression which involved cuddling Imaginee a lot, and since Imaginee hates love just as much as he hates being touched, he quickly grew to despise his father. One day, when his father blew up an orphanage by accident, the father went up to a police officer that wanted revenge on him and asked him to kill him. There is also the implication that Imaginee was there to see that event.

At an unknown time in his past, probably somewhere after his father's death, Imaginee took up a life of crime starting with setting a pair of dogs on fire, with only one puppy surviving. After finding out that his henchman, Roobert, was taking care of the puppy, he proceeded to beat the puppy to death right in front of Roobert in order to prove a point about how love is a "weakness". Roobert, in a fit of rage, proceeded to beat Imaginee within an inch of his life, only stopping when it turns out that the puppy was still alive.

At some point in his life, he made a deal with the devil that, in exchange with his eye, he gets psychic powers. Naturally, Imaginee wanted his eye back so he decided to harvest the souls of some of his classmates in exchange for his eye. According to Imaginee, this act disgusted the devil himself.

While trying to figure out how love works so he can eradicate it, he came across a scrapbook of happy memories of his parents. Due to his inability to feel love, he had a meltdown and, after taking out his frustrations on his father's grave then urinating on his corpse, Imaginee was kidnapped by friends of his dad who then proceeded to beat Imaginee up then commit him to a mental asylum.

TAWOTA Therapy sessions

If I'm not a sociopath, explain to me why I don't give a $#!% about other people?
~ Imaginee, questioning why Dr Kitt-Zel hasn't diagnosed him as a sociopath yet
TAWOTA Therapy sessions 6

Imaginee, with Dr Kitt-Zel

During his time in the asylum, Imaginee was given therapy sessions with Dr Kitt-Zel, with Kitt-Zel asking him about how he got his psychic powers and giving him activities such as recognizing facial expressions, the latter of which he failed miserably at. When asked about his father, Imaginee flew into a fit of rage and had to be moved back into his cell.

While in his cell, Imaginee was reading Kitt-Zel's mind and noticed she reads Batman comics. Using this knowledge, and the fact that she looks like Harley Quinn, Imaginee formulated a plan to escape the asylum by seducing Dr Kitt-Zel and make her allow him to be released from the asylum.

When he got out, they went on a date, in which Imaginee gets himself drunk for so he can rape her later on in the night. When walking all the way to Imaginee's lair, which is also his home, Kitt-Zel notices, to her horror, that Imaginee has a torture room filled with decaying bodies of victims, which results in Imaginee sneaking up of her, breaking her legs then proceeding to rape her.

The next morning, Kitt-Zel is seen bleeding on the floor with Imaginee's eye attached to her face. Imaginee, now sober, then proceeds to strap her to a table in order to experiment on her to see if she will become so hate-filled, she'd murder her family. After torturing her for two months to the point where a large portion of her mind broke, Imaginee noticed that she still loves her family, but considers it an improvement that she now absolutely hates him. He then proceeds to scoop out one of her eyes and replace it with his own in order for her to have a brief moment of sanity before forcing her to kill her parents.

After that, he then proceeds to release every violent inmate in the asylum and force them to kill each other for his own amusement while Roobert steals a giant robot from the Illuminati on his behalf. However, one of the inmates decided to release Dr Kitt-Zel, resulting Kitt-Zel beating Imaginee to a bloody pulp until Roobert showed up in the giant robot, distracting Kitt-Zel and giving Imaginee enough time to kill her.

The autistic world of the autist

Imaginee does stuff for the evulz, which are like luls but eviler.
~ Leon, describing Imaginee
Imaginee's first mind rape

Imaginee's first mind rape

In the show proper, Imaginee spends most of his time stomping around in his giant robot. However, the first time where he shows how frightening he can be without his giant robot was in the Halloween special, in which he mentally tortures Leon and Brian inside Dracomort's Den, forcing Leon to relive his worst memories and convincing Brian that Leon would eventually replace him with his girlfriend.

In another episode, this time focusing on him attempting to make Brian evil, this time playing on Brian's fear of being replaced by another one of Leon's friends. So they decided to set up a scenario in which Brian steals all of Leon and Alicia's things, only thing is that Brian is hesitant to dump all of their things into a vat of chemicals. This prompts Imaginee to literally stab Brian in the back, causing him to fall into a vat of chemicals, causing to emerge into a super-villain persona as the Bonkers Bunny, a parody of the Joker. However, despite being a villain, Brian can't bring himself to kill Leon, resulting in Imaginee pushing Brian into another vat of chemicals, this time turning him back to the side of good and kicking Imaginee in the groin. Imaginee also spent the entire episode torturing a little bunny and cutting off pieces of that little bunny as well.

The episode 'Superauties' reveals that Imaginee has made a collection of superheroes he has defeated in combat and put on life support so they can suffer for all eternity and because their suffering powers his giant robot.

In 'wacky whateverdayitis', Imaginee temporarily switches bodies with Roobert and then upgrades Roobert's body in order for him to conquer a planet because his giant robot needed repairs. He then enslaved the inhabitants of the planet after gassing them with white phosphorus, telling them to "get back to work". After finding out that Roobert is using his body to cuddle some puppies, Imaginee decided to take the puppies hostage. He then proceeds to switch his brain back into his body, only realizing too late that Roobert now has his hat, which leads to Imaginee begging for his life and hoping Roobert doesn't kill him.

The finale resulted in his most devious actions yet, after a foiled plan of attempting to kill Leon and his girlfriend, Imaginee proceeds to sic some evil clones of Leon and Brian after them. However, the evil clones are merely a distraction for his true plan, which is to mentally torture Leon to the point where he wants to commit suicide and to also kill Brian's children. After noticing an evil clone of Brian has reformed, he proceeded to mentally torture then murder the clone. After he and and evil clone of Leon ha kidnapped Leon and placed him in an amusement park, he then proceeded to mentally torture Leon, with Brian's children being forced to experience everything that was happening to him. He mainly starts by forcing Leon to relive his past, recounting the various dark thoughts that go on inside Leon's head and telling him that his life is basically worthless and that Leon is nothing more but insane. After that the viewer gets to pick out the ending for the finale.

TAWOTA finale bad ending

TAWOTA finale bad ending

In the bad ending, Imaginee succeeds in making Leon commit suicide. However, he did not succeed in making him kill Brian's children, making Imaginee kill them instead. Imaginee then proceeded to murder Leon's girlfriend and then set Brian on fire. After that, he decided to end the day "on a bang" and nuked a large portion of the city. After noticing that Roobert was helping out refugees, Imaginee blew up the boat the refugees were on then had Roobert executed by firing squad. After that, he used his mind control powers to start World War 3, only stopping just to have Autist City rebuilt so he can destroy it again.

In the good ending, Leon managed to avoid being broken by Imaginee's mental torture and proceeded to shoot him in the testes, proclaiming that there are people out there who are rooting for him and that Imaginee "doesn't have the balls" to go up against them. After that, Imaginee proceeded to take over Mona's mind, attempting to force her to kill Leon, only for Mona to fight back and shoot Imaginee's eye out. After running away from Imaginee, they hide in a tunnel of love filled with gasoline, prompting Imaginee to chase after them and attempt to kill them. After Leon attempts to kill Imaginee with a flare gun, Imaginee whacks it out of his hand, causing a stray bullet to hit a grenade Imaginee was holding, resulting in burning half of his body and Leon and Mona barely escaping with their lives.

After surviving the blast, Imaginee crawls on the floor ranting about ho he will destroy everything, only to encounter a resurrected Dr Kitt-Zel, who proceeds to gruesomely kill Imaginee.


Imaginee has a very noticeable appearance, with one side of his body being the inverted colour to the other side of his body. He also always wears a hat that he stole from the Illuminati that allows him to survive certain things and protects him with an electrified force field.

Apparently, he was literally born without a functioning heart and had an artificial one installed in it's place. Whether not having a heart is responsible for his psychopathy is debatable.


Brash, arrogant and overconfident, Imaginee's tendency to cause wanton destruction makes him a danger to himself and other people, yet he still considers himself a brilliant mastermind. In addition, he is acutely narcissistic, supercilious, and megalomaniacal, congratulating himself on even the smallest of successes; these, however, are rare.

In spite of this, he is shown to be very talented in his field as he has captured several superheroes and given them a fate worse than death by beating them with an inch of their lives then putting them on life support in order to power his giant robot. He is also shown to be very intelligent, formulating a plan to get out of a mental ward by seducing his psychiatrist in order for her to let her guard down and actually release him.

Despite his silly behaviour, Imaginee is a sadist and a psychopath. He harbored little remorse for any murders he committed as a child and even intended to start his own campaign as the "evilest being imaginable". After stealing a giant robot from the Illuminati, He became among one of the most dangerous criminals in Gotham, attempting to commit mass murder all for the sake of causing as much destruction and despair as possible. He also despises anything related to good to the point where holds resentment to his own father for feeling love while he can't. He is also unable to understand love and secretly wishes to find out about the parts of the brain responsible for love so he can remove them in a process he calls a "lovebotomy".

While he has no problem with killing others, Imaginee is shown to be terrified of the thought of himself dying, which usually results in him begging for mercy or reasoning that the person trying to kill him can't do that when it looks like his life is on the line.

Abilities and Equipment

Imaginee is known to wear a hat that can protect him from harm by using an electrical force field surrounding him. He also has a giant robot which he uses to stomp around the city in order to cause as much destruction as possible.

Thanks to a deal he made with the devil, Imaginee has the ability to mentally torture individuals by placing his eye onto theirs and making them see their worst fears, darkest memories etc. He also has the ability to break the fourth wall and actually address the viewers.


  • He was originally considered to be voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz, who voices Zim in Invader Zim.
  • Along with being planned have the same voice actor as Zim, Imaginee's personality is partially based on Zim, with the only differences being while Zim is extremely incompetent and his actions are played for laughs, Imaginee on the other hand has done more horrific actions and is surprisingly more competent than Zim
  • In the bad ending of the finale, Imaginee is the only character to be left alive, while the good ending has him be the only character to die instead.
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