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Imhotep is the supporting antagonist of Monster Family. He is voiced by Daniel Ben-Zenou.


Imhotep first appeared as a tornado in the desert where he finds Fay wishbone and asks why she is in Egypt and when he revealed her appearance he saw that Fay is also a mummy and started to act like a gentleman and taught her to use the power of the mummy, after she learned to use the power of the mummy she loved it and went to Imhotep's pyramid, after Imhotep said that not only did he fall in love with her but he also needed Fay to rule the world and she rejected him for his anger, when Imhotep went to force her to accept she said that he already looks like her mother and he furious became a giant tornado and Fay went to run away from Imhotep.

When Fay rejoined her father Frank Wishbone, Imhotep asked again to help rule the world and she rejected it again, after he asked who else would accept her with her appearance and Fay replied that it doesn't matter what she looks like and that matter what she is inside, when Imhotep went to force her, her brother Max Wishbone appeared who threw a ball at him to leave Fay alone and he became a giant cockroach to Max's horror and Fay thanked him for trying to save her, so Frank went to fight with Imhotep just to be pushed but he didn’t give up and while Imhotep tries to attack Fay and Max, Frank grabbed him and started hitting him on the ground and then gave him a spin that made him spin.

After Imhotep was defeated, Frank went to prepare to throw him away but when Frank and his children disappeared, Imhotep was released and then he was no longer seen in the film but was mentioned a few times.



  • Even though he and Count Dracula never interacted they have things in common.
    • Both are antagonistic monsters who fall in love with a Wishbone of the same species (Emma for Count Dracula and Fay for Imhotep).
    • Both helped Wishbone with one thing (Count Dracula gave Emma an antidote and Imhotep taught Fay how to use the mummy's power) but were later rejected for his cruelties (Count Dracula is blamed for the Wishbones being turned into monsters and Imhotep wanted to rule the world).
    • both turned into giant animals (Count Dracula on a bat and Imhotep on a cockroach) before the fight and they remained that way for the rest of the film (unlike Count Dracula, Imhotep still returned to his original form twice while Frank beat him on the floor).

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