Yes, she's a Zombie AND a witch. She believes death is too short to limit oneself.
~ Immorticia's description.
This spooky zombie hero is hopin' to unleash a bag of tricks on ya! And beware Immorticia's gargantuar friends. She'll use brute force if she has to.
~ Crazy Dave's view on Immorticia.

Immorticia is one of the secondary antagonists of the mobile game Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. She is a zombie witch who leads Beastly and Brainy classes.


Plants vs. Zombies Heroes


Not much is known about Immorticia's past, and who is her zombie fighter counterpart.

In Immorticia's introduction comic strips, she can be seen being chased by Green Shadow, Solar Flare, and Grass Knuckles in a graveyard, until she unleased her magic and summoned a wave of Zom-bats to scare them away.

Plant Missions

In Beware the Bewitching Zombie, when a group of plant Trick-or-Treaters arrived at Immorticia's manor, she summoned the zombies to kidnap them. Hearing this, Green Shadow, Grass Knuckles, and Nightcap came for rescue. They had a fight until the Trick-or-Treaters helped the Plant Heroes defeating Immorticia with toilet paper rolls.

Zombie Missions

Immorticia appeared in Menace on Molten Mountain! alongside Super Brainz, Neptuna, and Impfinity, who were ready to fight Captain Combustible with his boosted Peashooters army. They had a battle with him until Super Brainz used Neptuna's tank to extinguish his fire.


Immorticia also appeared in Nightcap's introduction comic strips with The Smash and Rustbolt, who were preparing a group of plants. Seeing this, Nightcap came to the rescue by summoning his mushroom team.

Plants vs. Zombies 3

Immorticia PvZ3 portrait.png

This wicked witch has Zom-Bats in her belfry! Mastering a mass of monsters while wielding weird wizardry, she's as beastly as she is brainy!
~ Immorticia's description.

Immorticia returned in Plants vs. Zombies 3 as a member of the Brainiacs. She pilots an organ that moves around, summoning zombies, and she uses her magic wand to target plants with her electric beams.

Immorticia made her introduction and manipulated the plants to side with her by getting rid of her rival, Ballpark Frank. She then kidnapped Crazy Dave while the plants were distracted to find the hot sauce ingredients. But despite this, she was exposed by the plants and had Dave returned safely.

Powers and Abilities

Immorticia was cleaning her belfry when, lo and behold, she found bats in there.
~ Description of Witch's Familiar.

Being a witch, Immorticia wields her wooden wand to cast magic spells, such as necromancy. In Plants vs. Zombies 3, Immorticia pilots her organ-themed robot, with herself moving around, summoning zombies, and blasting electric beams at plants.


Immorticia's minions consist ghoulish foes behind the graves:

  • Zom-Blob: When defeated, this zombie splits itself into two Zom-Blots.
    • Zom-Blot: When defeated, this zombie splits itself into two Zom-Boogers.
      • Zom-Booger: The final form of the Zom-Blob, as it attacks plants with its remaining.
    • Mega-Blob: The mega minion counterpart of Zom-Blob, as it splits into smaller Zom-Blobs when defeated.
  • Bride of Frankentuar: This Imp does electrical damages to plants.
    • Mega-Bride of Frankentuar: The mega version of its predecessor who does more lightning damages to plants.
  • Ghost Zombie: Initially acts as a Basic Zombie, who summons his ghost when defeated.
    • His ghost is a floating enemy who dodges shots from straight-shooters.
    • Mega-Ghost Zombie: This gigantic version of its predecessor summons more ghosts when defeated.
  • Batty Vimpire: A flying Vimpire who summons flying Zom-Bats when defeated.
    • Mega Batty Vimpire: This bigger Vimpire summons more Zom-Bats when defeated.
  • Zom-Bats: These bats hover above low projectile shots.
  • Werewolf Zombie: This zombie randomly transforms into a werewolf, which increases his toughness.



  • Immorticia, Neptuna, and Professor Brainstorm are the only Zombie Heroes who do not have a specific fighter counterpart.
  • Her name is a portmanteau of "immortal" and possibly Morticia Adams from The Addams Family.



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