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Yes, she's a Zombie AND a witch. She believes death is too short to limit oneself.
~ Immorticia's description.
This spooky zombie hero is hopin' to unleash a bag of tricks on ya! And beware Immorticia's gargantuar friends. She'll use brute force if she has to.
~ Crazy Dave's view on Immorticia.

Immorticia is one of the secondary antagonists of the mobile game Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. She is a zombie witch who leads Beastly and Brainy classes.



Not much is known about Immorticia's past, and who is her zombie fighter counterpart.

In Immorticia's introduction comic strips, she can be seen being chased by Green Shadow, Solar Flare, and Grass Knuckles in a graveyard, until she unleased her magic and summoned a wave of Zom-bats to scare them away.

Plant Missions

In Beware the Bewitching Zombie, when a group of plant Trick-or-Treaters arrived at Immorticia's manor, she summoned the zombies to kidnap them. Hearing this, Green Shadow, Grass Knuckles, and Nightcap came for rescue. They had a fight until the Trick-or-Treaters helped the Plant Heroes defeating Immorticia with toilet paper rolls.

Zombie Missions

Immorticia appeared in Menace on Molten Mountain! alongside Super Brainz, Neptuna, and Impfinity, who were ready to fight Captain Combustible with his boosted Peashooters army. They had a battle with him until Super Brainz used Neptuna's tank to extinguish his fire.


Immorticia also appeared in Nightcap's introduction comic strips with The Smash and Rustbolt, who were preparing a group of plants. Seeing this, Nightcap came to the rescue by summoning his mushroom team.

Powers and Abilities

Immorticia was cleaning her belfry when, lo and behold, she found bats in there.
~ Description of Witch's Familiar.
Immorticia's signature superpower is Witch's Familiar, which she can summon Zom-bats on a selected lane. Her support superpowers are Summoning (she can summon a zombie that costs 2 brains or less), Evaporate (she can destroy a damaged plant, and then draw a card), and Acid Rain (all plants on the ground's strength and health got reduced by 1).

With magic, she can be seen teleporting in the trailer of Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.



  • Immorticia, Neptuna, and Professor Brainstorm are the only Zombie Heroes who do not have a specific fighter counterpart.
  • Her name is a portmanteau of "immortal" and possibly Morticia Adams from The Addams Family.
  • Aside from Super Brainz and Z-Mech, she is also one of the very few Zombie Heroes who have voice lines, the other beings Rustbolt and Professor Brainstorm.
    • She can be seen saying "curses" in her introduction comic strips.
  • She will return in Plants vs. Zombies 3 as a boss, according to one of the game screenshots.



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