Harnessing illicit future butt technology, this little Imp and his Z-Mech may just be the key to victory in the Battle of Zomburbia. Don't tell him that though, he's just having a good time.
~ Imp's sticker book description.

The Imp and his Z-Mech are one of the secondary antagonists of the Plants vs. Zombies franchise. He is an Imp that is equipped with the Imp Blasters and the Z-Mech battle mech to fight the plants.


Plants vs. Zombies 2

Z-Mech appeared in Arena as one of the boss fights. He appears by floating onto the lawn while being protected by a force field. After that, he summons the Z-Mech, then he uses a variety of attacks to hinder the player and his defenses, if defeated, the Z-Mech explodes and the Imp ejects, if not defeated in time, he will fly away.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare series

He made his appearance as one of the playable characters on the zombie's side.

His top Zombie variant, Z-Mech 11011-3, or also known as Steve, could be met if the player entered his portal. He introduced himself and gave them the first quest to get the Imps to the park.

When the first quest is completed, he asked the player to get the plants to stop partying so the imps could sleep.

After the second quest is completed, the player was tasked with a special ops that entailed taking Steve on a vacation to Time Park.

Finally, after the player completed all three quests, he congratulated them and sent them to either go meet the 3rd zombie, or meet Dr. Zomboss at his secret lab.

In Agent Citron's quest, Triangulation Station, the Z7 Z-Mech appeared as a mini-boss. When he saw the signal, he teleported to earth and battled against the players. Also, in his another quest, the S.R.H.IMP appeared as a boss, who is Iron Ball's bounty.

He also returned in this game as one of the playable zombie of Attack Class.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

He returned in this game as one of the playable characters on the Zombies' side, he leads the Hearty and Crazy classes.


In his introduction comic strip, when the plants tried to chase him, he ran to his lab and unleashed his battle mech to scare them away.

Plant Missions

In IMPossible Mission, Green Shadow, Citron and Grass Knuckles intruded onto his lab while explaining his plan with Dr. Zomboss. He uses his battle mech to fight them, only being defeated with Citron's Spin Dash which made him and Zomboss unconscious.

Zombie Missions

In Code Orange! Citron Invades!, when Dr. Zomboss saw Citron, Rose and Grass Knuckles knocking his flag on the moon, he ordered the Z-Mech, Brain Freeze and Rustbolt to fight them. The plants and zombies fught each, Citron even managed to defeat Rustbolt and Brain Freeze. However, before he could finish off the Z-Mech, he used his robotic leg to kick him and the rest of the Plant Heroes out of the moon.



  • Lil' Drake
  • Pylon Imp
  • S.H.R.IMP
  • Z7 Imp
  • Party Imp
  • Scallywag Imp


  • Drake Mech
  • Pylon Mech
  • S.H.R.IMP Z-Mech
  • Z7 Mech
  • Party Mech
  • Scallywag Mech

Powers and Abilities

For Z-Mech, any target is a good target.
~ Missile Madness's description.
  • Imp Blasters: A set of dual wielded, fully automatic guns that fire laser beams at his enemies.
  • Flight: The Imp can fly in a short time using his Butt Booster. In Plants vs. Zombies 2, he can be seen flying into the lawn while being protected by a force field.
  • Gravity Grenade: He can toss a grenade that lifts plants into the air while holding them in place and disabling their abilities for as long as the grenade lasts for.
  • Robo Call: After a long cooldown, he regurgitates a phone to call upon his Z-Mech.
  • Impkata: He can spin around using his jetpack at rapid speeds while firing his guns to deal damage to plants around him for a short while.
    • Z-Mech only:
      • Robo Laser: The Z-Mech's primary weapon, a high rate of fire, fully automatic laser blaster that deals heavy damage to enemy plants.
      • Missile Madness:
        • In Plants vs. Zombies Heroes: He can fire a missile to deal 3 damage to a plant and 1 damage to the rest of the plants on the field.
        • In Garden Warfare 2 and Battle for Neighborville: The Z-Mech unleashes a barrage of missiles at rapid speeds, making short work of any plants caught in its wake.
        • Robo-Stomp/Bionic Bash: The Z-Mech stomps/smashes the floor, damaging nearby plants for heavy damage.
        • Explosive Escape: When the battle becomes too much for even the powerful Z-Mech, the Imp can eject from it, activaing its self destruct sequence, dealing high damage to plants caught in its blast radius

Zombies summoned

  • Bug Bot Imp
  • Jetpack Zombie
  • Disco Jetpack Zombie
  • Blastronaut Zombie


The Imp is small, fast and agile, however he's also very weak, maning he can get vanquished very easily with a well placed shot. The Z-Mech battle suit is powerful, and it's very tough, however it is very big and very slow, making an easy target for things such as Pea Gatlings and Sun Beams, it also has the issue of limited fuel, after it runs out, the Imp automatically activates Explosive Escape.

Other appearances

Plants vs. Zombies comics

He appeared as one of the supporting antagonists in the comics as Citron's archenemy. Also, a variant of him, Citron Smasher, being piloted by the same Imp, was able to defeat him, only being destroyed by an E.M.Peach

Mass Effect: Andromeda

The Z7 Imp with the Z7 Mech appeared as an Easter Egg in Pathfinder’s Quarters.



  • The Z-Mech is based on the robot Titan from Titan Fall, and the Imp is based on the Pilots from the same game.
  • In his Plants vs. Zombies Heroes description, he likes watching giant mecha anime.
  • One of the Imp's variants, the Z7 Imp, alongside Hover Goat-3000, 80s Action Hero, and 8-bit Zombie, are the only zombies that have numbers in their name.
    • The Disco-tron 3000 and the Z7 Z-Mech's names also contain number, but since their names refers to the machines, they do not count.



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