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There may yet be humans out there. If you find them, send them to Iosefka's Clinic. I endeavor to treat every survivor there is. So please, be a saint.
~ Imposter Iosefka manipulating the Hunter.

Imposter Iosefka is a minor antagonist in Bloodborne. Unlike the genuine Iosefka who seeks the safety of her patients, her imposter conducts them in experiments to further the evolution of humankind.

She was voiced by Lucy Briggs-Owen.


Iosefka is a kind-hearted medic from Central Yharnam who runs her own clinic. During the events of the game, she can be found in the same building where the Hunter first begins their quest, hiding in her clinic to protect her patients from the effects of the Scourge plague. She will supply the Hunter with her special Blood Vials to support their hunt, stating her hope of opening the door once the hunt ends.

After the Hunter defeats Father Gascoigne, if they return to the door of Iosefka's clinic, she acts differently with a different voice. She asks the Hunter to send any encountered survivors to her clinic, which is a complete contrast to Iosefka previously forbidding anyone to enter. Entering the clinic through the back entrance in the Forbidden Woods reveals the imposter's true intentions, as her patients were cruelly experimented on into Celestial Minions, including the real Iosefka as one of them drops her Blood Vials. The imposter demands the Hunter to leave and not come upstairs to disrupt her research. Ignoring her threats and continuing up the stairs prompts the delirious imposter to attack the Hunter. She drops the Oedon Writhe rune if killed.

If the imposter was not killed before triggering the Blood Moon phase by killing Rom, entering the second floor of the clinic reveals the imposter Iosefka lying on an operating table in pain. Her dialogue refers to the concept of "eyes on the inside", implying she was impregnanted by a Great One. Killing her allows the Hunter to obtain a Third Umbilical Cord, one of which required to face the Moon Presence.


  • The imposter Iosefka's Threaded Cane is infused with a blood gem, granted that it inflicts Slow Poison on the Hunter.


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