It's just that simple, anytime, ANYWHERE?
~ The Undertaker after he revealed himself to Mr Mcmahon disguised as Kane

Imposter Kane is a imitation of the real Kane. He stole the costume of Kane and being passed for the real one. But the real Kane discovered that traitor and want to fight him by showing he's a fake. But everytime the real Kane tries to beat him for proving he's the real Kane the imposter defeating him everytime for showing that's him the real Kane. Kane was so angry to lose everytimes and do not prove his point that Kane is a fake. So a new match between the two Kane begin this Kane knew how he go to beat him. The real Kane throw him out and in the ring punches him and jump over him. and Kane finish by knock out this imposter and get him front of the outside door. He take him by the neck and he was unmasked and was throw out by the real Kane. After that his fate is unknown.


Debuts in 1998 and 1999

The Fake Kane was first seen in 1998 when he was accompanied by Paul Bearer, Steve Austin and Vince McMahon think that he was Kane, Kane defeated Mankind, causing Paul Bearer to run away, unmasks himself and was revealed to be The Undertaker, he becomes the number one contender and confronts Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The Imposter Kane later returns and faces Vince McMahon, Kane was later revealed to be The Undertaker confronts Vince McMahon before he disappears in the dark.


The Imposter Kane later appeared, this time, this imposter is actually Festus (Luke Gallows) who copies Kane's attacks and power by beating the genuine Kane everytime in the match, Kane manages to unmask this imposter and throwing out of the door.

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