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Spurn your beloved for Aphrodite!
~ Imp Female

Imps are a seasonal enemy faction found in DC Universe Online and are the rivals of Cherubs - being in many ways the mirror-opposite in ideals and appearance, while Cherubs are proud champions of Devotion Imps seem to be the exact opposite and exist to cause trouble for lovers everywhere.

During the Valentine's Day themed events in Aphrodite's Realm heroes face off against Imps as part of the campaign to ensure that Devotion remains the dominant force following Circe's attempts to take over.

Although they despise one another it is possible for Imps to be converted into Cherubs via being dragged into special fountains, though the Imps will not go down without a fight and will attempt to devour nearby hearts (symbolic, not literal) in order to escape.

In much the same way Cherubs can be transformed into Imps in a near-identical fashion but have the same defensive strategy should they be caught.

Both Imps and Cherubs can utilize bows and this is their primary weapon, although capable of flight via small demonic wings Imps seem to be acrobatic in nature and leap rather than soar (though they can glide great distances).

Imps dress in a more modern fashion than Cherubs, with the males sporting red baseball caps and sunglasses while the females have short skirts and a punkish sense of style - both serve the Aspect of Scorn.

Imp males have a gruff and tough personality while the female Imps are quite vindictive and cruel, both are totally opposed to the actions of the almost stereotypically "good" Cherubs.

A male Imp can also be found dancing in one of the night-clubs that act as safehouses for player-villains, showing that when not causing trouble for Cherubs these mischievious beings aren't against having a little fun with mortals.

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