Inanna was a degenerated goddess turned demon and a villain in Damian Hellstrom, one of Marvel's darker franchises (often going under the controversial title "Son Of Satan")


Anu's youngest daughter Inanna was once the beautiful goddess of love, fertility and war. Her consort was her brother Tammuz, the handsome god of shepherds. Ishtar was a prominent goddess in the Hyborian era. Allegedly jealous of the mortal woman Isolene's beauty, Ishtar imprisoned her in a tower guarded by demons. Later, Ishtar's precious Lifestone was stolen by her own priest, Libro, but she recovered it with the aid of the barbarian warrior Conan. In approximately 2700 BC, Inanna attempted to add the Eternal champion the Forgotten One (then operating on Earth as the heroic Gilgamesh) to her extensive list of sexual conquests; but when Gilgamesh rejected her, she scornfully had Anu send the powerful Bull of Heaven to attack him, although Gilgamesh slew the beast. In return, Inanna slew Gilgamesh's ally, the feral Enkidu. However, the Bull of Heaven, also known as the therianthropic god Gugalanna, was wed to Inanna's sister Ereshkigal, and his death caused a deep enmity between the two sisters. Soon after, when Inanna descended to Ereshkigal's netherworld realm of Irkalla, she found herself trapped within her sister's kingdom and could only escape after Tammuz was seized by Ereshkigal's demon soldiers and forced to take Inanna's place.

When Christianity began to supplant the worship of the Annunaki, Inanna was among the members of her pantheon who were tricked into degenerating into demons in a desperate attempt to maintain their influence in the Earth realm. In recent centuries, the demonic Inanna rose to power in the netherworlds as the demoness of inspiration and attempted to establish a foothold in the Earth realm. However, she was seemingly vanquished by Daimon Hellstrom and occult terrorist Jaine Cutter.

Powers and Abilities

As a goddess, Inanna possessed the conventional superhuman physical attributes of a Mesopotamina goddess. She could cause intense emotions in others, and her Lifestone could mystically bestow good fortune and immortality upon mortals. The extent of her powers following her degeneration into an archdemon is unknown, although she possesses vast mystical abilities. She was especially adept at "inspiring" madness in others, and was faithfully served by her demonic Bailiff of Madness. She was also strong enough to lift approximately 25 tons.

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