Even if I die, Garaic will turn this planet into a polluted one!
~ Incinerator Banki's final words before his destruction.

The Incinerator Banki is an incinerator-themed Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Kitaneidas and is the main antagonist in the first episode of 2008 TV series called Engine Sentai Go-Onger.

He is voiced by Takashi Nagasako who previously voiced Inventor Grotch, an Antlion Nezire, Kairikibou, Garubaria, Energy Thief Uugo, Gomubi-Ron, Algolian Baurbon, Maka and later voiced Rokuroneri, Tomarezu of the Tsuchinoko, Shieldon, a Shovelloid, Debo Royaroya, an Advanced Yokai Oumukade and Gabatt Kababacci.


The Incinerator Banki made his first appearance in the human world as he tunneled at the church on a wedding day. He managed to scare the residents as he used his furnace on his head to burn the stuff that he collected, but that didn't went unnoticed when Sosuke, Renn and Saki showed up to stop him. So he sent out a couple of Ugatz to battle the three racers. As this goes on he and the rest of the Ugatz were scaring/herding the humans at the docks, but the racers still showed up so he asked them how did they know of the Banki Clan Gaiark and to they're response they claimed that they're the allies of justice as shown when they insert the Engine Soul to transformed themselves into their Go-Ongers form.

After the intro he then sent the remaining Ugatz to battle them the three Go-Ongers. Once the robotic footsoldiers are down for the count he managed to make a quick get away before he was eliminated by the team.

A while later he then returned to the Hellgaile Palace as he exclaimed to the three ministers that he failed in his mission as he received three pollution attacks from the minister respectively. As this goes on he was the first test subject for the Bikkurium energy (which is the stuff that gaiark used to enlarge their creations) after that he was then sent to the human world to try out this energy.

Speaking of which he then arrived in the said world as he began to pollute the air with his smog. As this goes on he then appeared at the warehouse as he used his new ability and open fired on the racers. After that the racers transformed and battled the empowered Incinerator Banki. Once the Incinerator Banki was down for the count he was then defeated by the teams Highway Buster.

As this goes on the Bikkurium energy managed that was in this bot managed revived and enlarged him via Industrial Revolution, so the team then combined their vehicles to form Engine-O to battle him. As this goes on they managed to plug the Incinerator Banki's pipe to prevent him from using his smog attack. After that he was then scrapped by this finisher called Engine-O Go-On Grand Prix.

The second Incinerator Banki appeared in the narikiri movie Legendary Hero (伝説ノヒーロー Densetsu no Hīrō) as he was scrapped by Engine-O.

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