The Inciters are a powerful biomechanical alien menace and villains from Marvel comics.

An incredibly powerful bio-technic race of Shi'ar legend, the Inciters were apparently dormant for centuries. Recently, they regathered and plotted, through their collective mind, to destroy much of known space and absorb the slain minds into their race, allowing them to grow more powerful. They feared the Silver Surfer and his power cosmic, so they destroyed his home planet of Zenn-La and absorbed the billions of minds into their form. They then killed all aboard a Shi'ar spaceship and left false evidence that the Surfer was responsible for the planet's destruction so that the Shi'ar would hunt him down for them. They planned to cause three stars to go supernova at once, which would kill much of the known universe.

The Inciters reached out across space and took over the mind of Binary, who channeled the powers of a white star. They brought her to them through a space rift to a white star and forced her to use her powers to begin overloading it, making her think she was saving it. At the same time, they began using their psionic energy to overload a second white star, Kiletra, on the other end of space, and a third white star near Zenn-La. The X-Men aided the Shi'ar leaders Deathbird and Lilandra in stopping the Inciters. Phoenix stopped Binary's activities while Silver Surfer and Rogue investigated another star. They tracked the Inciters through their space rift and the Inciters immediately channeled their energies to defend themselves. They took over Rogue's mind and drew her into the collective, but Surfer saved her and then crashed his board, charged with cosmic energy, into their form, destroying the organism. The Inciters exploded, saving the stars and releasing all their absorbed souls. Elsewhere, Deathbird and Lilandra agreed to keep the existence of this otherwise almost-forgetten Shi'ar legend secret as it could shake the foundations of the Shi'ar Imperium.

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