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The Incubi are malevolent night-time spirits who mate with human females, often by force, they are the male counterpart of the infamous Succubi, and much like the Succubus are found in the myths, theology and folk-tales of many cultures around the world but are most strongly associated with medieval Europe, where they become envisioned as extreme dangers to the sanctity of the heavily fundamentalist Christian views of the era.

Like the Succubus, the Incubus were likely the result of ancient people's experiences with sleep paralysis but due to the more violent nature of Incubi they were also very likely used to cover up rape and unwanted pregnancies.


Just like Succubi, Incubi are known to seduce sleeping women.


Incubi were more violent and dominant than the Succubus, while Succubi often sought to seduce men into laying with them so as to mother demons or simply feed on man's lust the Incubus was a far more brutal and cruel spirit who often enjoyed beating and raping his female victims, while such interactions could spawn demonic offspring it just as often simply left his victims traumatized, while some Incubi may appear as seductive as their Succubi "cousins" this seemed rarer and thus Incubi were seen as a spirit that forced themselves upon mortals rather than simply tempted them into such acts.

Similar Spirits

  • Succubi: The female equivalent of Incubi, these demons take the form of beautiful women and seduce men. Having sex with one usually results in injury or death.
  • Trauco: A being from Chilean folklore, the Trauco has been compared to the Incubi because of his cultural roots in explaining unwanted pregnancies. However, the Trauco is much less violent than these spirits as he hypnotises his victims.