Incubus is a DC comics supervillain and mystical enemy of the Suicide Squad. He is the brother of the superhero known as Nightshade - both of whom originate from an other-worldly dimension known as the Land of the Nightshades.

Incubus usurped the Land of the Nightshades from his sister at some point and thus began his career as a villain.




Within the Land of the Nightshades, Incubus exhibits vast supernatural powers, allowing him to manifest almost any superhuman ability and warp reality to his will.


  • He shares similarities in themeing to entities such as Marvel's Nightmare or DC's own Eclipso, being entities of darkness and vast power.
  • An alternate version of this character appears in the live-action Suicide Squad movie as an antagonist, his backstory is altered and he is seen as the brother of the Enchantress rather than Nightshade.