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The Indian Tribe is a one-time villainous organization from the Comedy Central animated raunch-com, Brickleberry, only appearing in the episode "Trip to Mars". They are a Native American tribe that once lived on Mt. Brickleberry before being relocated by Woody Johnson and Dr. Kurt Thoreau in favor of a false Mars landing.


In "Trip to Mars", Woody Johnson relocated the Indian tripe atop Mt. Brickleberry because astrological scientist, Dr. Kurt Thoreau was going to build a space observatory there. Steve was sent to be the messenger and tell the Indians they would have to move. The Indians were not happy about this until Steve traded them 26 anal beads for it. The Indians invited Steve to a farewell pow-wow, where they gave him a bowl of drug medicine. He was instructed to only take one sip but Steve drank the entire bowl, causing him to hallucinate and go insane. Later, the Indians went down their trail of tears and when they did, Malloy discovered them and deemed himself their leader, saying that he could help them get their land back. Malloy taught the Indians to stop acting nice and start taking back what's theirs with brute force. The Indians went to The Hazelhurst Mall and they all terrorized the place and killed everybody there. After getting all this attention, they got on the news but they were overshadowed by the Mars landing, which they eventually found out was faked. After getting dicked over by Dr. Kurt Thoreau, Woody begged the Indians for forgiveness and they agreed to team up with Brickleberry National Park to pretend to be martians and scare the world into giving them back Steve, in exchange for him kicking out Dr. Thoreau and giving them their land on Mt. Brickleberry back. Brickleberry and the Indians did just that and everybody lived happily ever after.


  • Malloy (temporary leader)
  • Tribal Chairman
  • Not So Fast
  • Medicine Man


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