And that is why we must purge his body of the meanie infection!
~ Eve Silva Paragorica to Sackboy on Dr. Herbert Higginbotham.

The Infection is an antagonist from the 2011 puzzle platforming video game LittleBigPlanet 2, serving as the boss for the level "Invasion of the Body Invaders". It is a sanity-dampening disease created by the Negativitron and Meanies to infect Dr. Herbert Higginbotham so he cannot help the Alliance.


The Infection was created by the Negitivitron,and was used to infect Dr. Herbert Higginbotham. The effects caused him to lose his sanity, resulting in him having to be cared for at Eve Silva Paragorica's Asylum for the Mentally Alternative.

When the Alliance and Sackboy arrive, they know they must clear out the infection in order for Dr. Higginbotham to be of any use to them. Eve shrinks herself and Sackboy down, and they travel through Dr. Higginbotham's mouth into his body to begin clearing out the infection with help from white blood cells. Sackboy clears out all of the hostile infection he can find, traveling through Dr. Higginbotham's body until he reaches the brain, where the most powerful Infection lies.

The Infection surrounds itself in protective goo, and begins rampaging around the brain chasing and trying to kill Sackboy. Sackboy must fire a white blood cell at the Infection, destroying the goo and damaging the Infection. If Sackboy destroys all of the goo, the Infection will surround itself with more. After taking enough damage, the Infection will split in two, attacking again while covering more area. After defeating one of the small Infections, the remaining one will split into fourths, covering even more area with its attacks. After defeating the Infection, it will die and restore Dr. Higginbotham to his normal self, who is almost just as crazy as he was when he was infected.


The Infection is extremely hostile, and will attack any threat to its existence on sight by launching projectiles or charging at it. It will stop at nothing to defeat its foes and carry out its mission, being very wrathful and violent in its nature.





  • On the last stage of the battle, the Infection will make the same noise when damaged as the Negativitron does, perhaps implying the Infection is an extension of the Negativitron's will.


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