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The curse of Inferno is upon you! End this race or suffer!
~ Inferno introducing himself.
I will not stop!
~ Inferno before being defeated.

Inferno is the main antagonist of the 2nd Scooby-Doo and WWE crossover film Curse of the Speed Demon. He was a ghostly racer that terrorized the WWE off-road race known as the Muscle Moto X. In reality, he was the disguise of  Authority members Triple H and Stephanie McMahon used to sabotage other racers and secure their victory.

He was voiced by Steve Blum (who voiced Vilgax and Zs'Skayr from Ben 10 and Starscream from Transformers: Prime), while Triple H and Stephanie voiced themselves.


He's a demonic-looking racer with glowing red skin, claws, and red eyes. He wears brown slacks that are torn from the knee down, a collared shirt with one sleeve torn off, red, open-face ski mask, a dull red helmet, dark red gloves, a long grey scarf, and grey goggles with black lenses.


As said in the legend, Inferno is very ruthless. He cares little for others' safety and will do anything to keep people from beating him in a race or fight, as shown when he makes the Legendmobile crash or when he burnt down Deadwood bridge. He's also very cheap when it comes to fighting, and will resort to using the smoke concealed in his gloves to get the upper hand. By far, his most despicable act was leaving Undertaker, Shaggy, and Scooby for dead after he damaged their engine on the lake.



In the 1930's there used to be races held on Marauder's Mountain in homemade hotrods. During one event an unknown racer showed up out of nowhere to challenge them all. He was ruthless. But as he reached the top, he realized too late that Deadman's Curve had washed away. They say you can still see the racer to this day. Cursed to forever haunt any attempts to race on the mountain.

Years would pass by and racers from out of town would try to drive the Marauder's Mountain route. They found the local tales to be just old superstition. However, whether they believe it or not, an accident would always occur. Even the most skeptical racer would return saying that they had seen something out there. Most would not speak any more of their experiences.

There were also other stories that have emerged over the years. Not just from people that have driven on the mountain. A group of hikers were traversing the south side of Marauder's Mountain during one fall season. Late in the evening, they looked to the distance and saw the old road that lead further up to the top. They told locals they saw two lines of fire moving along the road. Then moments later the fire would disappear.

There was also one witness account from a helicopter pilot flying down near the mountain. When he had glanced down at the area where the road washed away, he thought he saw the figure of a man on fire standing at the edge of the drop.

~ The legend and sightings as described in an in-universe article titled Legends of Marauder's Mountain.

First Attack

During a trial run, Team Legend (Undertaker and Dusty Rhodes) are attacked by a demonic racer who makes their car crash. The racer jumps down from his car and introduces himself as Inferno, then warns them to drop out of the race. Dusty tries to wrestle Inferno, but is outmatched and is lifted and thrown on the ground, injuring his ribs and forcing him to withdraw. As the demon makes his escape, Undertaker swears vengeance upon him.

Deadwood Forest

As the racers reach Deadwood Forest, the demon car appears off to the side and jumps onto the track in front of the Company Car. Now in first place, the demon shoots fire out of the scorpion tail on his car and sets the bridge on fire. Miraculously, all the racers manage to make it across the bridge, but the demon sets his eyes on the Company Car and tries to attack it with the scorpion tail. After Scooby inadvertently activates the boosters, Team Taker manages to catch up to Inferno, but before they can do anything, Inferno vanishes in red smoke. The Company Car finishes the race, taking first place, and the Scoobinator takes 2nd.

Attempted Sabotage

Later that night, Shaggy and Scooby catch Inferno trying to sabotage the Company Car. He chases them, but luckily The Miz is jogging nearby and hears their screams. He wrestles with the demon and ends up putting him in a figure four leglock, but the demon emits smoke from his gloves and throws Miz off, before disappearing in another cloud of smoke.

Spider Lake Sprint

The demon emerges from the lake with his car, now turned into a boat and grabs The Celtic Cruiser (containing Sheamus, Goldust, and Stardust) with the scorpion tail, hurling it backwards into a rock. He then smashes into Too Awesome (Paige and Lana) and Los Matadores, before going after the Company Car. Triple H gets out of the car and jumps onto the Demon rig, wrestling with Inferno. But, Inferno kicks Triple H off the car, luckily landing on the Company Car. As the demon is distracted with the Company Car, the Scoobinator slams into the Demon Rig. Undertaker continues to smash into him, but this causes both of them to go off path and towards a waterfall. Inferno uses the scorpion tail to destroy the Scoobinator's engine, and disappears once again, leaving Team Taker for dead.

Marauder's Mountain

Inferno appears, but before Fred can take over Inferno's car, he bashes into them and knocks the remote out of his hands. He continues up the line of cars, attacking everyone with the scorpion tail. Rusev and Lana try to claim the car, but are quickly disposed of with the tail.

All the racers get fed up with Inferno and decide to go after him. Sheamus cuts off the scorpion tail with a Celtic sword and attempts to attack Inferno, but Inferno counters and throws him off. Everyone stops their cars, as Inferno goes after the Company Car. Team Taker goes through the car block and catches up with the Demon Rig. Fred manages to control the car, so the demon resorts to driving it manually. He crashes into the Mystery Machine, causing Fred's remote to go flying out the window. Undertaker tells Shaggy and Scooby to take the wheel and jumps onto the Demon Rig. He wrestles with Inferno on top of the car, until they go off Deadman's Curve. The Demon Rig's parachute activates and Fred deploys grappling hooks which attach to the rig. Undertaker body slams the demon, but just when he's about to finish him, Inferno jumps onto the Mystery Machine.


The Mystery Machine finishes first and Shaggy hits the brakes, causing the demon to go flying into a pretzel stand. The Undertaker driving the Demon rig, finishes 2nd and jumps out of the car to confront the demon. Inferno lunges at Undertaker, but he counters with the Last Ride. It seems it's over until Inferno gets back up. In one final attempt, Inferno lunges at Undertaker again, but this time is countered into a Tombstone Piledriver. The Undertaker delivers the piledriver and the demon is defeated and pinned, his glowing red skin fading to grey. Everyone gathers and Inferno is revealed to be Triple H, who at the orders of his wife, were trying to win and make the Muscle Moto X a huge success in order to prove herself to her father. Triple H and Stephanie are then taken away by police, as The Miz laughs at them.

Weapons and Equipment


  • Claws: The gloves have sharp ends, giving the illusion of demon claws.
  • Magnetic Boots: Each racer was outfitted with magnetic boots that allow them to stay attached to their car, so they can make repairs on the go.
  • Remote Control Gloves: Allowed Inferno to control the Demon Rig without having to be in the driver's seat. 
  • Smoke: Hidden in his gloves, are smoke pellets which he uses to mask his escapes.

Demon Rig

  • Pyrotechnics: Usually used for Inferno's entrance.
  • Scorpion Tail: At the back of the car lies a appendage designed to look like a scorpion's tail. The tail is super strong, able to lift and throw other cars. It can also shoot fire.
  • Parachute
  • Environmental Adaptation: Similar to all the other cars in the race, the Demon Rig can change from a car into a boat at the push of a button.


This mountain is mine!
~ The unknown racer, whom Inferno is based off of.
This race is doomed! All those who oppose Inferno will perish!
~ Inferno, before burning down Deadwood bridge.
You will pay for your meddling!
~ Inferno threatening Shaggy and Scooby.
None can defeat Inferno. Your fate will soon be sealed.
~ Inferno.
This is Inferno's mountain! I will cast you off like all the other fools before you!
~ Inferno making his entrance on Marauder's Mountain.
I'll show you, fool.
~ Inferno to the Undertaker, after Taker jumps on his car.
You will both pay!
~ Inferno to Shaggy and Scooby.


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