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The Infernocons are major antagonists of the 2017 film Transformers: The Last Knight. They are a group of demonic Transformers that serve loyally to Quintessa, though they are also willing to serve Megatron. Together, they can combine to form the terrifying Infernocus.


Having arrived on Cybertron, the Infernocons (combined into Infernocus) tortured Optimus Prime and watched him being restrained by Quintessa. When Cybertron finally arrived onto Earth, Megatron and Nitro Zeus returned to the planet with the staff. Together, the three allies watched the activation of the staff. After Cybertron arrived on Earth, the Infernocons assisted Megatron and his Decepticons in their battle with the Autobots and U.S Army. Commanded by Megatron, the Infernocons recombined into Infernocus to provide more destructive power.

The forces of the Autobots and the humans were being overwhelmed, until Optimus Prime later returned with the Guardian Knights in their combined form Dragonstorm to turn the tide. Dragonstorm knocked the hulking combiner down to the ground, long enough for Optimus to catch Infernocus off guard and strike back by inflicting damage on his chest and head. The Infernocons eventually separated to overwhelm Optimus, but were quickly decapitated by a single swing of his sword.



  • The Legions Class Infernocus figure features five unique Infernocons: Skulk, Rupture, Thrash, Glug, and Gorge. The latter four each have their own alt modes due to being recolors of various Legion class toys of Predacons Rippersnapper, Blight, Windrazor, and Twinstrike from Transformers: Prime. Skulk, on the other hand, is the only new mold featured in the set and can only transform from an individual robot to Infernocus' torso.
  • Contrary to the toyline, the movie itself features six Infernocons who look identical to each other, almost resembling Skulk, and feature no alt modes.


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