The Infinity Guard is an antagonist force in the Netflix animated series Final Space.

Final Space

The Infinity Guard was originally an intergalactic space organization of which Quinn was affiliated with. It is currently unknown on whether it is an entire organization, or merely an elite force which would describe the Scarlet Lance, which was destroyed by the Lord Commander and his fleet. As a means of trying to impress Quinn, Gary impersonates an Infinity Guard pilot. However, when a threat arises, Quinn discovers that he was an imposter, and Gary is sentenced to five years for not only impersonation but also because he unwittingly destroyed several ships in his blundered attempts of wooing Quinn. During Gary's incarceration, Quinn had been investigating a breach in space-time that had recently manifested. However, when she tries to inform her fellow Infinity Guards about this development, she is ignored. This would culminate in her crash landing and finding herself on the Galaxy One.

Galaxy One traces the gravitational disturbance to a bioluminescent planet. Even though Quinn ignores Gary's suggestion that the Infinity Guard were responsible for the breach, he is proven correct when it is revealed that most of the Infinity Guard had joined forces with the Lord Commander who is seeking to expand the breach in space-time so that Final Space would be opened, which in turn would engulf the Earth and potentially the rest of reality and kill everything. Superior Stone also reveals to Quinn that when she was at a bar 5 years ago, they used her quantum formula to assist the Lord Commander in opening the breach. However, Galaxy One ends up destroying the laser that was collecting plasma from the dying star, but it appears that this had not stopped the breach from expanding.


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