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Inga is the main antagonist in "Endangered Liasions", she was Freddy's counterpart &  (former)love interest. she was voiced by Grey Delisle.


Inga is a spotted ferret who has a bigger head, has blond hair tied in a ponytail, & a pink nose.


at first, Inga was in love with freddy, but after she found out that he wasn't, she got mad & left him.


not much is known about inga's past except she's the last member of the spotted ferret species.


Inga first appears when Otis opens the box. after otis opens the box, she introduces to gang to herself.

after having a lot of common, Freddy & Inga drink  milkshake, pushing the swing together,  & chase peck.

Later, on the website, it is revealed that inga was going to eat freddy's head. this causes the gang to save freddy.

while Inga & freddy are inside there ceremony, Freddy asks Inga if there married yet. Inga answers that they almost & tells him there's only one part in the ceremony while she uses a toothpick to clean her down teeth. 

while inga has her mouth in freddy's head, the gang tried to pull freddy. when Pip Tells Otis that Inga has lugjaw, Otis tells abby to use the spot remover. & uses it to remove to spots on Freddy.

When Freddy asks Inga if there married yet, Inga figures out freddy is not a spotted ferret.

This causes Inga to Spit Freddy out, & figures out he lied to her. Freddy tries to tell Inga that he can explain, but inga tells freddy the wedding is off & tells him she almost ate his head.

This causes her to cry & leave Freddy afterwards.

It is unknown what happened to her afterwards, but however, after she left, Freddy leaves some photos in the book to remember Inga.


  • it is revealed that she is a cannibal.
  • Inga shares alot in common with freddy
  • Grey Delisle previously voiced Elke Ekeberg from the Jimmy Neutron episode, "Carl Wheezer: Boy Genius



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