For generations, Hunters have learned the trade using the Ingerman Method. To our founder, Ingar Ingerman!
~ Cleve

Ingar Ingerman is a posthumous antagonist mentioned in Dragons: Race to the Edge. He first appeared in the episode "Loyal Order of Ingerman". He was Fishlegs Ingerman's ancestor.



Ingar Ingerman was the founder of the Dragon Hunters before his descendant, Fishlegs was born. Ingar invented the killing method, Ingerman Method, which is manacling the Dramillions' tail, so that they can't fly, then cage them. After that, they will be out, so that they will be chased back to the cage, which is a hunting practice.

Loyal Order of Ingerman

Fishlegs discovered that his clan, the Ingermans are dragon hunters, so he went to the Dramillion Isalnd. He saw the Dragon Hunters that are led by Cleve. They are hunting and imprisoning Dramillions. There is a statue of Ingar Ingerman killing a dragon. Ingar was a dragon hunter long time ago. This inspired the dragon hunters to kill dragons using the Ingerman Method. Later, Fishlegs and Astrid freed all the Dramillions from captivity and Meatlug spewed lava at the statue, because Fishlegs won't let his Ingerman background define him.


Ingar Ingerman is a viking who uses his ax as a weapon. He also has an Ingerman Crest on his belt and he wears an Ingerman Helmet, similar to what Fishlegs is wearing, since he is an Ingerman.


Not much of his personality is shown, since he is only mentioned. It is possible that he hates dragons and this is why he kills them.


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