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The Inhumane Society is the primary antagonistic faction in Lemony Snicket's All the Wrong Questions. This group consists of about eight members.


The Inhumane Society is a terrorist group led by Hangfire which cause violence and mayhem throughout the books. They also have ties with Ellington Feint who is the daughter of Hangfire and later becomes a legitimate member of the group throughout the novel. They also had a large obsession with the Bombinating Beast and wished to release the legendary creature.

The group seemingly dispatched after Hangfire's death however many theorize that it could still exist since Ellington Feint escaped without any consequences to her involvement in the plot. Even if the group does still exist however it is either dormant or inactive but could reappear in a sequel/spin off.

In A Series of Unfortunate Events, the group are never even mentioned and are seemingly succeeded with Count Olaf and his theater troupe. However, these groups do not have a large connection although Count Olaf was a teenager during the All the Wrong Questions series.


  • Hangfire (leader, deceased)
  • Ellington Feint (Blackmailed but later willingly joined)
  • Dr. Flammarion (Imprisoned)
  • Nurse Dander
  • Stew Mitchum
  • Sharon Haines (blackmailed into service but evil nonetheless)
  • Kellar Haines (blackmailed into service)
  • Dame Murphy Sallis (blackmailed into service)


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