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The Injustice Syndicate is a team of villains from an unnamed reality (similar to Earth-Three), where the morality of its people are reversed (heroes are villains and villains are heroes).

The syndicate battled Red Hood's team of heroes, but they were defeated and Red Hood was forced to escape. They later caught him, unaware that he had allied himself with Batman.

After a fight between Owlman and Batman which ended in Batman's victory, he took Owlman's costume, traveled to the other universe and freed the Parallel Earth Heroes. The Parallel Earth Heroes fought and trapped most of the Injustice Syndicate.

Cornered and alone, Silver Cyclone activated a bomb to destroy the Earth. The Injustice Syndicate ordered him to send the bomb to Batman's world, however Cyclone betrayed them when he reveled the bomb would only destroy all organic tissues and thus preserve himself. Cyclone stated he didn't care for humans and whichever world was destroyed, he would claim it as his own only to be killed by Red Hood shortly later. Batman and Red Hood thwarted the plan by deciding to send the bomb to an Earth unpopulated with life (a zombie planet).


  • Owlman (parallel of Batman)
  • Silver Cyclone (parallel of Red Tornado)
  • Blue Bowman (parallel of Green Arrow)
  • Dyna-Mite (parallel of the Atom)
  • Scarlet Scarab (parallel of Blue Beetle)
  • Barracuda (parallel of Aquaman)
  • Rubber Man (parallel of Plastic Man)
  • Blaze (parallel of Fire)
  • Parallel Earth B'Wana Beast (appears only in flashback)
  • Parallel Earth Wildcat (appears only in flashback)

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