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Sad end for the worst criminals in Guanajuato. After a life of sin, vice and evil, the bandits found their final destination. The calzined bodies will remain in the morge, waiting to be buried in a common grave.
~ A poster that warns of the great fire in the jail that burned alive to the inmates.

The Inmate Mummies are the secondary antagonists in La Leyenda de las Momias de Guanajuato. They are a group of undead prisoners for being known to have the worst reputation in town.



While alive, each of these prisoners committed barbaric acts against the society of Guanajuato. When the time came, the authorities detained everyone and locked them up in the local jail.

Time after the arrival of The Ghost-Hunting Team, a strange fire broke out in the jail, killing all the prisoners who were inside. Taking their bodies out of the collapsed rubble they put them in the morge in baskets on a table, waiting to be buried in a mass grave.

La Leyenda de las Momias de Guanajuato

In the market, the team is not well received. While Leo is distracted by reading a poster that announces the death of the inmates of the jail due to a fire, Luis scares him. Then it looks like the bodies of the dangerous inmates, killed in the prison fire, get up again.

Black mummies burned a normal mummie.png

The aggressive mummies of the inmates attack Leo and Luis, and after a jerk one of the mummies removes the hood to Luis showing that in reality Luis is Valentina, the daughter of don Gaspar, who was hiding to clean the name of his father. In the city, the rest of the group sees how the mummies of the inmates burn everything in their path and they flee to the mine chased by the mummies.

In the mine, they fall into the network of wagons of the same pursued by the mummies of the inmates. Don Gaspar reappears and gives Leo the lost glass to close the portal. Once closed, the soul of all the mummies recover their original body and ascend to the world of the dead.

La Leyenda del Charro Negro

Inmate mummy black fair.png

At the beginning of the movie, Leo tells his brother how he and Valentina fought with these burned mummies. At the civil registry post at The Black Fair, Teodora pretended to marry Nando while one of these mummies attended to them right there, holding the certificate and a pen for them to sign. The same mummy reappears in another scene, in which it reunites with other illusions created by El Charro Negro, preventing Leo's friends from entering the hacienda.



  • Although the mummies of the citizens have the role of central antagonists and are more visible in the promotions of the film, the truth is that they have a more antagonistic role at the beginning of the story; revealing that they only wanted to return to their occupations from when they were alive. On the inmates' side, it could be said that they would become the most dangerous mummies, being the true primary antagonists (along with Rousseau), including atrocious antecedents from when they were human.


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