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The Inmates are the secondary antagonists of the flash video-game Hobo Prison Brawl. There are many inmates that imprisoned for unknown crimes.


There are numerous counts of inmates such as elder, young, black, white, bald or haired, in the prison, they generally wear an orange classic prison suit.


Although all of them are not villainous, some of them are acting brutish, as killing prison guards and attempting to escape from the prison. They are captured and imprisoned somehow, due to unknown crimes. In lunch time, they're released from their cells by the prison guard.

After the inmate who shares the same cell with Hobo wakes up, he sees the dirty toilet and whacks Hobo to asks the toilet brutally. Hobo wakes up and counter-attacks and eventually kills him, and brings chaos in the prison. While some of the inmates are cowardly fleeing from the chaos, some of them attacks Hobo in self-defense, and some of them acts more dangerously such as attacking prison guards and even killing them.

At the end of the game, all of the inmates, along with prison guards, meet with the same fate, getting killed by Hobo.


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