Inspector "Archie" Grub is a major antagonist in the short-lived show Rayman: The Animated Series. He is hired by Rigatoni to capture Rayman and his friends. Despite his efforts, he fails in capturing them.


Grub appears to be a kind of canine or reptilian creature in appearance, similar to the canine design used for Cookie. It is also shown that while he wields a badge and appears to have a decent standing as a law official, he is somewhat cowardly as well as bumbling. Despite pursuing them and looming with the constant threat of capturing them to be returned to Rigatoni, Betina sees Grub in a sympathetic light, noting that he's just trying to do his job.


In his first appearance, Grub is given a photograph of the circus escapees and tries to pursue them, only to be driven into a stand of jack-in-the-boxes. Rayman and his friends take shelter in the attic of Grub's home but manage to elude him on the occasions he seeks to track them down. When Cookie is institutionalized for his extreme hypochondria, Rayman and the others move to rescue their friend before Grub can capture him. In the final episode produced, Grub tries to date a female of his species and initially fails due to his incompetence. However, Rayman and company help smooth out his date, so that Grub would become too occupied to search for them (as well as sympathy from all but Cookie to his plight).

Given the series' abrupt cancellation, it is unknown as to whether or not Grub ever discovered their presence and captured them, or perhaps had a change of heart.


  • Like Rayman, he was voiced by Billy West of Futurama fame in the English dubbed version.
  • Inspector Grub has the same species as Count Razoff. Unlike Razoff, his eyes are smaller plus his nose is more flattened and has no stripes on it.
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