Intelligence Defense Systems is an organization of private military contractors serving as the main antagonists of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. Though acting as an army-for-hire, the true purpose of the organization is to allow its leader Caulder to continue to study and experiment on humanity.


IDS was founded sometime by Caulder to serve as a front for his unethical experiments and allow him to test out his destructive weapons by selling them to both sides of wars and profit off of conflict.

One of the conflicts IDS profited from was the war between the Lazurian Army and New Rubinelle Army by selling weapons to both sides. After the defeat of the NRA, the organization continued to antagonize the remaining forces of the Lazurian Army and the 12th Battalion. Eventually, the organization dissolved after the defeat of Caulder and destruction of their base.

Commanding Officers


  • Their name is a reference to Intelligent Systems, the developers of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.


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