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The Inter-Services Intelligence is an intelligence agency for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and is a minor antagonist faction in Call of Duty: Black Ops ll. The ISI is currently led by an unknown leader and is seen assisting Raul Menendez and Cordis Die in their goal to cause a global revolution and pit both the Strategic Defense Coalition and NATO against each other.


Note: All the information is entirely fictional and is from a Video Game. The info presented might be offensive to the real world ISI.

Not much is known about the ISI in Black Ops II, however, it is seen working and collaborating with Raul Menendez in his plot to start a global revolution. The ISI seems to be splintering away from the Pakistani government and is under new more radical leadership. Supporting Cordis Die, the ISI forces are seen engaging David "Section" Mason and his team during a mission in Peshwar after a flood and using helicopter drones to gun down any looters whenever they get spotted by their searchlights, despite being their own people. Menendez appears to be talking to the ISI leader, discussing about how both the US and China have no care for others nor their people and care only for themselves and joins Menendez in their fight against both NATO and the SDC.


The ISI are heavily armed and well-equipped. They appear to have drones in the year 2025 possibly from foreign purchases and have their own private army. Ironically, they are seen using the MTAR, an Israeli weapon despite having no relations with the State of Israel and refusal to recognize it.


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