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The International Criminals, also known as Beaupre's Gang, The Beaupre Quartet, and the Wanted Spies, are the main antagonists of the 1997 family-comedy film, Home Alone 3.

Internationally wanted, the four work for an infamous North Korean terrorist organization that threatens the world and are on a mission to retrieve a highly classified and valuable missile-cloaking military computer chip, which they then intend to give to the organization.


Mission Plan

The criminals' mission was formulated in the then-British colony of Hong Kong, a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China. A mob boss working as a high-ranking executive member of a North-Korean sponsored terrorist organization, reveals to his participants of a plan to acquire an extremely valuable and highly-classified computer chip that cloaks missiles and prevents their tracking, worth ten million dollars. One of the participants, prolific international criminal mastermind Petr Beaupre, accepts the challenge and returns to the United States.

Retrieving the chip

Upon arrival at Silicon Valley, Beaupre contacts his associates Earl Unger and Burton Jernigan, including Alice Ribbons, whom he appoints as his second-in-command. They are given the chip by a man who has just left the company which manufactures it. Using a camera, Beaupre scans the chip, and the images are forwarded to the terrorist organization.

After the man gets his payment, he and the criminals split up to catch their respective flights. Before leaving for San Francisco International Airport. Beaupre orders Alice to hide the chip in a remote control car in order for airport security not to discover it. Placing the car with the hidden chip in its box and loading it in a Parisian bakery shopping bag, they then leave.

Losing the chip

The criminals manage to arrive at San Francisco International Airport with hours to spare before they board their flight. They pass through security check as normal and have their luggage scanned. However, an elderly passenger with a lot of jewelry results in an extra screening, causing a luggage mix-up. Another elderly passenger, Chicago-bound Mrs. Greta Hess, who also has a similar Parisian shopping bag, also happens to be in the same security line the criminals lined up in and inadvertently takes their bag, mistaking it for her own, which contains loaves of sourdough bread.

Once cleared, Alice takes Mrs. Hess' bag and discovers the sourdough loaves. While Beaupre looks at flights, the search for the chip proves futile as many passengers also have the same bags. Beaupre then decides that the chip must be on the next departing flight, which happens to be Chicago.

Chicago basing and tracking the chip

The criminals arrive in Chicago and Beaupre is proven right wherein Alice discovers that Mrs. Hess is in possession of the car after disembarkation. They give chase through the terminal and notice her leaving on a taxi cab, but while their attempts to stop her fail, Jernigan photographs the taxi cab and discovers its number. They head to a taxi company that operates the cab and converse with the driver, who provides the address of Mrs. Hess and identifies the suburban neighborhood as Washington Street.

After Alex is given the car, the criminals arrive in a minivan at the exact address but fail to identify which house. They check in at a hotel and vow to return in the morning. Alice acquires a nearby bungalow house to use as a hideout and base of operations, and the criminals move in. The criminals then begin their operations undercover wherein Beaupre breaks into houses to do a search as the other three do a lookout. Alex, who has just contracted a chickenpox the night before, happens to discover their operations and reports them to the police but the criminals flee before they can be apprehended.

The next day, the criminal do their work again and Alex stumbles into their plot once more, reporting the incident to the police. This time, the authorities manage to arrive in the neighborhood in the midst of their operations. Alice notices this and orders the plan temporarily aborted as Beaupre orders all three comrades to move out while he hides under the staircase. The police then conclude this as a second false alarm.

Alex decides to take the matter into his own hands and mounts a camera on his car. He catches Beaupre in the act in another neighborhood house but the car is discovered and Beaupre takes the tape. As Alex regains control of the car, a chase ensues wherein Beaupre, Alice, and Unger suffer minor injuries. The criminals then abort their search to recover and decide on resuming it at a proper time.

Discovery of the chip

During their recovery, they pose as an acquaintance of the Pruitts and call their home number, wherein they discover that Alex has the chip and they decide to converge on the Pruitt household the next day. As Alex sets the traps, the criminals arm themselves and rest for their next mission.

The next morning, Alice attempts to visit the Pruitts but Alex, who now knows the dog she is taking is actually the stolen dog of their neighborhood friend, blows a dog whistle, thwarting her attempts. As a blizzard hits the neighborhood, they block the street to the Pruitt house as the first step. Under the guise of a couple that moved to the neighborhood, Beaupre and Alice meet with Mrs. Hess and inform them of a package that was addressed to them but was misdelivered into the Hess' address and left at the garage door. Alice and Mrs. Hess go into the garage and while Mrs. Hess is looking for the package, Alice closes the garage door and then ties Mrs. Hess to a chair with duct tape. While she's tying her up, Alice says that Mrs. Hess should've made sure she had the right package at the airport and she hopes that Mrs. Hess is not fond of Alex, who Alice refers to as "that little boy across the street." After Mrs. Hess tries to respond through her gag, Alice kisses her on the forehead and leaves her in the garage with the back door open so she will freeze to death.

Accidents at the Pruitt home

Jernigan and Unger are electrocuted while trying to invade the house. After Unger is rescued by Beaupre, the two are hit by a trunk of books and a dumbell for weightlifting. Upon recovery, Beaupre assigns entry points for Alice and Unger but Jernigan does not arrive as he is sprayed by freezing cold water. After seeing an open window, Jernigen goes to the home's garage to get a ladder and discovers a pair of feet which he pulls down only to discover the feet being that of a stuffed toy ape in costume. This however, activates a lawnmower in the garage attic that falls on him, resulting in a bad haircut. He nonetheless gets the ladder and climbs, only to fall three stories to the basement toilet, which breaks.

Beaupre attempts to enter the house but hurts himself when he tries to force the door open. After being sprayed by Alex, he cuts open the front door and opens a door to the closet, which actives a boxing glove that punches him hard, causing him to fall and his shotgun to misfire. Meanwhile, Alice falls into a puddle of mud and is knocked twice by two flowerpots. After an attempt to swing on the back porch staircase fails, she falls into the basement through loose floorboards. Beaupre discovers this but suffers the same fate.

Unger's first attempt to enter fails after he is hit by a plaster of Paris and a window frame. He gets his feet stuck in a glue-filled pair of roller buckets and attempts to reach the basement but falls down a flight of stairs and gets his hand stuck in a mousetrap, causing him to shoot a toilet pipe.

The four reunite at the basement and switch to another plan. As Beaupre leaves his gun, he eavesdrops on Alex's conversation and takes a toy gun which Alex leaves for him. After Unger fails to find Alex, who had hidden in the closet, he checks the bathroom after hearing the parrot's singing but only finds a cardboard cutout of a nude woman while the parrot mocks him. Alice and Jernigan only find a stuffed monkey in the guise of a person sleeping wherein the former notices that Doris had climbed Jernigan and hid in his fatigues pants, and attemps to kill it only to hit Jernigan in his private region.

As Alex and Doris retreat to the attic, they take the dumbwaiter to the basement, narrowly avoid the remaining criminals, who invade the attic soon thereafter, and discover that Alex had been spying on them for sometime. After removing the dumbwaiter's flooring, Alex disposes Beaupre's gun and leaves the house for Mrs. Hess' residence.


Jernigan and Unger try to chase Alex and jump to a trampoline, which gives way and they fall to the Pruitt's frozen pool. Alice tries to head to the basement using the dumbwaiter but falls through the shaft, temporarily paralyzing her. Beaupre ambushes Alex as the latter rescues Mrs. Hess and threatens to kill him if he doesn't give up the chip. Alex, however manages to scare him using a bubble gun painted to resemble his glock and Beaupre flees to the fireworks-lined snow fort in the backyard.

The police arrive and are convinced that Alex told them the truth when the FBI reveals to them and the Pruitts that he had stumbled across the criminals' part in the terrorist plot when he intercepted the chip. As Alex returns the chip to the authorities, the police arrest Jernigan, Alice and Unger, while the parrot light the fireworks in the snow fort after Beaupre doesn't give him another cracker. The ensuing explosion alerts the authorities to Beaupre's location, and he is arrested.


Criminal Quartet



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