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Pretty sure "Celebrity" starts with an "S", like "Celery" or "Pterodactyl"
~ Ron Perlman on ISIS.

The International Society of Insulted Selebrities, also simply known as ISIS, is a minor villainous organization in Paradise P.D., only appearing in the episode "PARAD-ISIS". They are a terrorist organization consisting of several celebrities, who were insulted by Paradise P.D., declaring war on the show for mocking them. Their leader is Ron Perlman.


In "PARAD-ISIS", Dusty Marlow decided that he was way too fat so he tried to lose some weight by joining a gym. However, he mistook an ISIS recruitment website for a gym sign-up website and ended up joining ISIS. Dusty went to the Paradise Police Department to tell Randall Crawford the good news, and even showed him the cool bomb they strapped to his chest. Randall flipped out and threw the bomb out just in time for it to explode outside of the police department and then scolded Dusty for being foolish. While annoyed that one of his cops joined a terrorist organization, Randall also seized this opportunity to infiltrate the organization from the inside and told Dusty to go to his ISIS meeting and gather intel. Dusty had a sleepover with ISIS and told them a scary story about a guy dying, going to paradise, and finding out that all of his seventy virgins were Jewish, which was way too scary for them.

At the wedding of Kevin Crawford and Gina Jabowski, Dusty came in to tell Randall in the crowd that he got information on what ISIS was planning on doing. They were planning to blow up the very building the wedding was taking place in, using a bomb that they strapped to him. Dusty showed Randall his new bomb and Randall flipped out once again and demanded that Dusty throw it out but before they could, the real ISIS broke in to hold everybody hostage and ensure they wouldn't go anywhere.

The leader of ISIS introduced himself, revealing himself to be Ron Perlman. Ron Perlman said that he was very upset with the show for making fun of him and now he planned on canceling it by killing off all of the main and recurring characters. The rest of the ISIS members also took their masks off to reveal that they were all other famous celebrities, who had previously been mocked and insulted on the show. Randall didn't understand why these celebrities were part of ISIS until Ron Perlman explained that they were not part of the "Jew Go Boom Boom" ISIS that they were familiar with. Rather, they were a different terrorist organization which stood for "International Society of Insulted Selebrities". ISIS' plan was coming to fruition before they realized that Kevin and Gina were not present at their own wedding.

Kevin and Gina were getting married somewhere else, abandoning everybody who was mean to them in the past. Before their marriage was made official, Kevin got a distress call from Randall, warning them about the ISIS attack. Despite how their respective families treated them in the past, Kevin and Gina went back to the wedding chapel to save them. When they got there, Gina realized she was the only one with the capability of defeating them but she couldn't unlock her violent powers with the bullet out of her head. Kevin was very conflicted as the removal of this bullet is what allowed them to be together in the first place but they both decided to risk that to save everybody from ISIS. Kevin sadly shot Gina in the head again, turning her back to her old self, a violent, bloodthirsty, killing machine, who blew into the wedding chapel and murdered every single ISIS member one-by-one in cold blood. Ron Perlman said that although Gina took out all his men, it didn't matter, since the bomb was still set to explode right now. However, the bomb didn't explode because Dusty had eaten all the C4, making the bomb a dud and making him a hero in the war on terror too in his own weird way. After Gina did her part to defeat ISIS, Kevin came up to congratulate her but on impulse, Gina strangled him. When Gina realized she had just hurt the one she loved, thanks to her newly regained violent tendencies, she felt horrible about the person she was forced to become and ran away, crying.




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