The Invaders are the primary antagonists of Metal Slug 6. They appear as large, toad-like creatures, with bulbous heads and reptilian features. Their technology appears to be organic, as seen when certain vehicles leak a blood-like fluid when destroyed. Certain members of the species are gifted with insect-like wings, and the ability to launch corrosive plasma blasts from their mouths. Their society is hive-based, with rank based on skin color and durability. They are led by the massive Invader Queen, the final boss of Metal Slug 6. They may very well eclipse the Martians in viciousness.

Unlike Mars People who are capable of putting their enmities aside and form temporary alliance out of necessity, Invaders are more feral creatures who cannot be bargained, reasoned, or be negotiated with.

They also appear as a playable faction in Metal Slug Attack.


In Metal Slug 6, the Invaders attack Earth with the intention of conquering it and eating the Mars People, who are their natural prey. In response, the Mars People form an alliance with both the Rebel Army and the Regular Army to fight against them. After the Invader Queen was destroyed by Peregrine Falcons and Sparrows Team in her lair, the Invaders were defeated and their invasion was foiled.



Top Four


Human Allies


  • Drones
  • Flying Drones
  • Troopers
  • Elite Troopers
  • Squad Leaders
  • Flying Parasite
  • Hunter Walker
  • Hunter Lord
  • Scavenger
  • Smasher


  • UFO
  • Flying Core
  • Super UFO
  • Crab Tank
  • Vanguard
  • Controller


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