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Your soul will fall shackled to the horror... of an infinite nightmare!
~ Invictus' famous quote.
Join me, and burn this universe to nothingness, so that all of us can begin... again.
~ Invictus to Ash Graven.

Invictus is the main antagonist of the 2018 animated sci-fi TV series Final Space, serving as the unseen overarching antagonist of Season 1 and the main antagonist of Seasons 2 and 3.

Invictus is a being of destruction and the corruptor of the Titans, a race of cosmic beings that were destined to destroy the universe, as well as the Lord Commander's former master. Invictus later escapes by possessing Gary Goodspeed and then Avocato, before being forced to escape the Ventrexian's body and return to Final Space, where it now seeks to find Mooncake and use his powers to break free and consume life across all dimensions. At the end of Season 3, Invictus succeeds in escaping Final Space, corrupting Ash Graven and imprisoning the Lord Commander along the way. It is the archenemy-turned-master of Ash.

It is voiced by Vanessa Marshall.


Season 2

Invictus was first mentioned in the season premiere for Season 2 where Nightfall kills the Lord Commander but additionally tells him that when his master inevitably revived him, she was coming for them next. Sure enough, shortly after the Lord Commander's death, his body dissolves into energy as a demonic voice is heard implying that Invictus wasn't through with him yet.

The episode "Arachnitects" provides further information about the enigmatic Invictus. According to the Arachnitects, they were created by a higher race of beings beyond comprehension and they in turn formed Final Space, bringing the Titans into existence to assist them. However, once they reached the edge of the universe, Invictus sprang from seemingly nowhere and poisoned the minds of the Titans, corrupting them against their creators. The only Titan that didn't fall under Invictus' influence was Bolo, who managed to seal the Titans and Invictus into Final Space. Invictus attempted to escape Final Space throughout the millennia, at one point very nearly succeeding, until Gary Goodspeed's father, John Goodspeed, sacrificed himself to close a rift to Final Space, the resulting explosion culminating in Mooncake's birth. Mooncake's presence created a rift in the universe, weakening the walls of Final Space and leaving the universe vulnerable to the Titans, so the Arachnitects vote to take Mooncake and send him into Final Space as a way of fixing the cosmological imbalance.

On the Crimson Light, Mooncake hears Invictus, taunting that while he and the others were safe now, they would still find a way to escape.

In "The Closer You Get," Gary is told of a way he could communicate with Quinn by Avocato who was slowly recovering his memories. In order to get to Final Space, Gary goes through a series of trails, and reunites with Quinn, with it also confirming that Nightfall's words on Gary always being the one to sacrifice himself to the breach are true when he sees dozens of corpses of different reality versions of himself drifting in Final Space, having been killed from the anti-matter bomb. Invictus is revealed to have been keeping Quinn as their hostage and takes possession of Gary's body. They then try to kill Avocato and Little Cato through their new vessel, but opts to take Avocato when they sensed that he was stronger. They tempt Avocato with the notion that Gary stole Little Cato from him, and they seemingly mortally wound Gary. Being forced to shoot him, Invictus has Avocato disown his son, and vanishes.

In "The Sixth Key", Invictus, still possessing Avocato, tries to prevent the Team Squad from entering Inner Space. It first pursues them in a ship, but Little Cato reluctantly blasts the ship down, allowing them to enter Inner Space. However, Invictus follows them inside and attacks Gary, preparing to kill him. Before it can do so, the Team Squad arrives to save Gary, but Invictus uses Avocato's combat prowess and strength to effortlessly overpower all of them. During the battle, Invictus manages to catch Little Cato and nearly strangles him to death, but before it can do so, Ash Graven, having witnessed the death of her maternal figure, Nightfall, uses her rage to unleash her powers in a massive blast of energy that exorcises Invictus out of Avocato's body, forcing it to flee back to Final Space.

Afterward, Gary and the Team Squad go into Final Space with Bolo in order to save Quinn. They enter Final Space with the help of the Arachnitects, who seal the entrance behind them to prevent the Titans from escaping. Inside Final Space, the team finds Quinn amongst alternate versions of Gary that Invictus had killed. Gary leaves the Crimson Light and reunites with Quinn, but they are far from out of the woods: Invictus is waiting for them.

Season 3

In "...And Into the Fire," Invictus stages a trap for the Crimson Light and sets the corpses of the Garys from alternate timelines on Gary and Quinn. It also has two large Titans intercept the ship whilst gloating that their souls would be shackled to an infinite nightmare.

In "The Ventrexian," after Nightfall killed the Lord Commander, Invictus saved him from the brink of death, promising to make him a Titan if he were to release him from his prison. To do so, the Lord Commander would need to find Mooncake. Invictus also cures Lord Commander of his prior weaknesses ensuring that the Lord Commander would not die when he drew from his powers.

In "One of Us", it's revealed that Invictus possesses countless people so it can grow more powerful. It alarms the Lord Commander that Sheryl Goodspeed has escaped, possesses Fox and shows disappointment when the Lord Commander lets Mooncake escape before giving him his ship. It's also shown that Invictus chose Ash Graven and empowered her.

In "All the Moments Lost", Invictus is hidden in the Black Hole that the Team Squad has to escape from. While they ultimately succeed, Ash enters the Black Hole to confront Invictus. A episode later, in "Change is Gonna Come", Ash and Invictus come face to face, Ash seeing its true form. Invictus claims that it wants to destroy the universe and start from the beginning, and that Gary will kill Fox in countless timelines. Invictus empowers Ash, gives her a second eye and changes her hair, alongside giving a choice - Teaming up with Invictus or staying with Gary. She has three days to decide.

An episode later, in "The Chamber of Doubt", the Team Squad enters Bolo's mind, who was temporarily driven insane by Invictus. Ash encounters the only sane part of Bolo's mind remaining, and the two enter the titular chamber. Here, Ash finds Fox, who tells Ash his tragic backstory. However, while Ash is unaware of this, Fox is actually dead and Invictus is puppeteering his corpse. Gary enters the Chamber of Doubt, where the Invictus-possessed Fox is attacking Gary. While laying on the ground, Invictus possesses Gary's robotic arm, turns it into a blade and stabs Fox with it, making it seem like Gary killed Fox - Just like Invictus said to Ash. Invictus then abandons Fox's body in the Chamber of Doubt and leaves Bolo's mind, once again making the Titan sane.

Two episodes later, in "Hyper-Transdimensional Bridge Rising", Invictus returns, possessing a zombie Gary and angrily ordering the Lord Commander to invade Earth and kill the Team Squad, but not before choking him.

In "The Devil's Den," Invictus is finally freed due to Ash absorbing the "key" from Mooncake and escapes Final Space. As punishment for his betrayal, Invictus imprisons the Lord Commander in a crystallized box, the same thing which it used to Bolo long ago, and leaves him behind to rot for eternity. After escaping from its confinement, Invictus shows his monstrous ultimate form to the Team Squad.

Due to the series' cancellation, it is unknown what happened to Invictus, but it can be presumed that it succeeded in its goal of destroying the multiverse.

Physical Appearance

Invictus has three projections as well as its true form. The first of the former is a demonic head with two horns, four eyes (potentially a fifth one on its forehead), and a permanent menacing smile. Its second projection is a massive eye with a pitch black pupil. Its third projection is a red ball of energy with glowing, green eyes.

Invictus' true appearance is a gigantic, pitch-black figure resembling a Titan with a cow-like skull, four pink eyes and possibly a fifth one on the forehead, massive horns, smoke-like appendages and six pink lines on the torso, with possibly more below.


List Of Appearances

Season 2

  • "The Toro Regatta" (mentioned/only voice heard)
  • "Arachnitects"
  • "The Closer You Get"
  • "The Sixth Key"

Season 3

  • "...And Into The Fire"
  • "The Ventrexian"
  • "One of Us"
  • "All The Moments Lost"
  • "Change is Gonna Come"
  • "The Chamber of Doubt"
  • "Hyper-Transdimensional Bridge Rising" (only as a zombie Gary)
  • "Until the Sky Falls" (only as zombie Garys)
  • "The Dead Speak"
  • "The Leaving"
  • "The Devil's Den"


Season 2

Our work isn't done, child... It's only just begun.
~ Invictus to the Lord Commander.
~ Invictus
But Gary, all is already lost.
~ Invictus to Gary.
I'm coming for you. Do you think because I can't be seen... I'm gone?
~ Invictus to Mooncake.
Look who it is.
~ Invictus finds Gary in Final Space.
They don't care about you. They're dragging you down.
~ Invictus manipulating Gary.
Avocato: You're not Gary, are you?
Invictus: Aw, what gave it away?
~ Invictus reveals that it has possessed Gary.
Your vessel is stronger than this one. I'll take you instead!
~ Invictus before possessing Avocato.
He stole your son away from you, turned him against you. Kill him. Kill him!
~ Invictus to Avocato.
~ Invictus ordering Avocato to kill Gary.
He's too far gone. Kill him.
~ Invictus ordering Avocato to kill Little Cato.
The last thing you will see is me RIPPING YOUR HEART OUT OF YOUR CHEST!
~ Invictus to Gary through Avocato.
You'll all die here! Hahahahaa!!
~ Invictus to the Team Squad.

Season 3

I found you. Bend...and become voiceless.
~ Invictus through the zombie Garys.
I am the one who pulled you from the abyss of death. I chose you for a special purpose, and to give you what you desire.
~ Invictus explaining who it is to to the Lord Commander.
I am Invictus, and this is my prison. You, my child, will help me escape. (Lord Commander: How?) Find Mooncake.
~ Invictus telling the (Lord Commander what it wants.
The more energy I absorb, the more power I'll have to break free of this chains and consume life across every dimension.
~ Invictus explaining its goal.
The souls of these prisoners strengthen me. But they are not enough. I need the key. I need Mooncake.
~ Invictus while consuming souls in order to grow stronger.
You're mine now!
~ Invictus before possessing Fox.
You let the key escape. I never should have trusted you with this.
~ Invictus angered that the Lord Commander let Mooncake escape.
Invictus: My child. I am close. Come closer.
Ash: You took my brother!
Invictus: No, I freed him from his binds. Can you not feel him? Oh, poor girl. You aren't free either. Come home, and I'll reunite you.
~ Invictus to Ash.
Invictus: Darker. Leave the light. I'm waiting there. Return to me and speak
Ash: Show yourself!
Invictus: Darker still. Go where the light is broken.
~ Invictus telling Ash where it is.
I am the shadow cast and the light beyond. Your very breath and the choices you make are my gifts. I am in all life.
~ Invictus to Ash while taking her inside of its prison.
Invictus: I am protecting him from the fool who died a thousand deaths, preventing me from escaping this prison: The Gary.
Ash: Gary is good! You're the cosmic psycho!
Invictus: How blind you are. He is a crusader who's saved no one. A jackal that will kill everything in his path, including your brother!
~ Invictus manipulating Ash.
These are my words. They will follow. And you will watch with both eyes open.
~ Invictus before empowering Ash and giving her a second eye.
You have two paths ahead of you, my child. Stay with The Gary to your doom. Or join me and burn this universe to nothingness, so that all of us can begin again. Three days to choose your path. My power is increasing. Soon, nothing will hold me back.
~ Invictus' ultimatum to Ash.
You will lose, The Gary. She belongs to me now. You lost the moment you let her go.
~ Invictus to Gary while possessing his arm and making it stab Fox.
You've proven to be quite a letdown. My chorus grows louder with each new life. But we're still missing the key.'
~ Invictus while choking the Lord Commander for failing to capture Mooncake.
My patience with you grows weak! Bring him to me. Or meet the fate of the ones I find useless.
~ Invictus threatening the Lord Commander.
I feel the presence of Ash. What we seek is on Earth.
~ Invictus deciding to invade Earth.
Your insolence will be the death of you!
~ Invictus before being betrayed by the Lord Commander.
I want you to rot away for an eternity!
~ Invictus leaving the Lord Commander imprisoned in Final Space before escaping it.





  • Invictus' character is heavily inspired by the Devil of Christian theology. Like Satan, Invictus corrupted the formerly benevolent Titans against their creators, and its punishment of being sealed within Final Space is based on Satan being banished to Hell alongside his followers.
  • Invictus' name is a Latin word that translates to "undefeated".
    • Ironically, Invictus would be left a Karma Houdini by the end of the series due to the show’s cancellation, whether or not this was intentional however is up for debate.
  • Following the series cancellation, Invictus’, along with the rest of the characters’, fate remains unclear, though it’s possible he might’ve been defeated in the would’ve been 4th season.

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