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~ Invictus.

Invictus is the main antagonist of the 2018 animated science fiction television series, Final Space. They are the leader of the Titans, a race of eldritch horrors that were destined to destroy the universe, as well as the Lord Commander's master. Invictus later escapes by possessing Gary and then Avocato.

They are voiced by Vanessa Marshall.


Invictus was first mentioned in the season premiere for Season 2 wherein Nightfall kills the Lord Commander but additionally tells him that when his master inevitably revived him, she was coming for them next. Sure enough, shortly after the Lord Commander's death, his body dissolves into energy as a demonic voice is heard implying that Invictus wasn't through with him yet.

The episode "Arachnitects" provides further information about the enigmatic Invictus. According to the Arachnitects, they were created by a higher race of beings beyond comprehension and they in turn formed Final Space, bringing the Titans into existence to assist them. Invictus stood as the truly malevolent of the Titans and poisoned them, corrupting the Titans against their creators. The only Titan that didn't fall under Invictus' influence was Bolo who managed to seal the Titans and Invictus into Final Space. Invictus attempted to escape Final Space throughout the millennia, until one instance resulted in Gary Goodspeed's father John sacrificing himself to close a rift to Final Space, the resulting explosion culminating in Mooncake's birth. Because of Mooncake's presence, the Arachnitects vote to abduct Mooncake and send him into Final Space as a way of fixing the cosmological imbalance.

Gary tries to stop Mooncake's fate which also consequently grants Mooncake his powers. Seeing this, the Arachitects allow Mooncake to return to Gary's care but they insist that he must not use his powers in a way that risk Final Space being opened lest they take him back. On the Crimson Light, Mooncake hears Invictus, taunting that while he and the others were safe now, they would still find a way to escape.

In "The Closer You Get," Gary is told of a way he could communicate with Quinn by Avocato who was slowly recovering his memories. In order to get to Final Space, Gary consumes liquid space-time and reunites with Quinn, with it also confirming that Nightfall's words on Gary always being the one to sacrifice himself to the breach are true when he sees dozens of corpses of different reality versions of himself drifting in Final Space. Invictus is revealed to have been keeping Quinn as their hostage and takes possession of Gary's body. They then try to kill Avocato and Little Cato through their new vessel, but opts to take Avocato when they sensed that he was stronger. They tempt Avocato with the notion that Gary stole Little Cato from him, and they seemingly mortally wound Gary. Being forced to shoot him, Invictus has Avocato disown his son, and vanishes.





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