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The "Invisible Gem Monster" is a corrupted Gem and a minor villain in the 2013 animated series Steven Universe. It first appeared in the episode "Island Adventure" as the main antagonist.


The Crystal Gems were searching for the monster at the beginning of "Island Adventure". Later on, the monster attacked Lars, Sadie, and Steven, causing Steven to summon his bubble to protect them. Sadie subsequently defeated the monster by stabbing it through the torso with a spear.


As its name suggests, the Invisible Gem Monster's body is completely invisible, except for its gemstone. Its features become discernible when substances such as mud or water coat its exterior, revealing it to be bulky with a strong build and no apparent neck, two eyes, and a mouth. Located on its chest is a cone-shaped gemstone with a slightly elevated base. While the cone portion is a consistent dark blue, the base is separated by an elevation and contains differing shades of blue.

Abilities and Powers

  • Invisibility: The Invisible Gem Monster's primary ability is, as the name suggests, invisibility.
  • Enhanced Strength: It is incredibly strong, with enough power to pop Steven's bubble shield. However, Steven panicked at the time his defenses were breached, so it may not have been the monster's strength inasmuch as Steven's concentration being broken.



  • It has the same gemstone placement as Amethyst, on its chest.
  • Despite having hands, the Invisible Gem Monster runs on all fours.


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