The Invisible Knights is a special squad of the Zeon military that refuse to admit their defeat in the One Year War, becoming a Zeon Remnant, and the main antagonists of the video game Mobile Suit Gundam: Battlefield Record 0081 and its manga adaptation.


After the end of One Year War, Erik Blanke, the captain of Invisible Knights refused to believe that Zeon lost the One Year War. They than go into hiding. After two years, the Invisible Knights landed on Earth to start the Tears of Varuna operation. First, they recaptures the MS-08TX/N Efreet Nacht from the federation, during the capture, they encountered Phantom Sweeps Corps, a squad of Federation that is specialised in destroying Zeon Remaints. Than, during a battle in Indonesia Peninsula, Fritz is killed by Cherie Allison, a spy sent to Federation from Invisible Knights. Nevertheless, the Invisible Knights moved to Augusta Lab to destroy the air defence system so the mass driver can fires at it and destroy it. Although they successfully destroyed the air defence system with the kamikaze attack of Otto Eichmann, who rammed his Gaw on the base, the mass driver is captured by the Federation. They than go to capture a H.L.V., during the battle, Cherie pushed Christo into the engine thrust of H.L.V., incinerating both of them in the game, while in the manga, Cherie is able to eject in time. Than, they are able to go to the moon and they wait for the supply provided by a Musai, however, before the light cruiser can arrive, it was sunk by Phantom Sweeps Corps. They than had a final battle on the mass driver base. The results depends on the player's side in the game. If the player play as Invisible Knights, the Phantom Sweeps will be defeated and the mass driver will be able to destroy Augusta Lab, but ended with Erik getting captured by Federation. If the player play as Phantom Sweeps Corps, Erik will be killed, and the mass driver is destroyed in the last second before firing. In the manga, both Erik and Hugues survived, and the mass driver fired just when it was hit by Thoroughbred's Mega Particle Cannon, causing the weapon fired by mass driver to burn up in the atmosphere.


  • Erik Blanke - Lieutenant Commander
  • Ailos Bade - Second Lieutenant
  • Fritz Bauer - Second Lieutenant
  • Estelle Firine - Corporal
  • Otto Eichmann - Colonel
  • Christo Doerr - Ensign
  • Hilde Nietzsche - Second Lieutenant
  • Gustavo Abel
  • Rolf Ahrens


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