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Right in my Solar Plexus Sentai!
~ Final words before death

The Invisible World is one of the two main antagonists (the other being the Great Invisible World) in Episode 17 of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. An Invisible Man-based World, he is a servant of Tojitendo created from the Toumei Tojiru Gear that contained Toumeitopia. After his death, his Tojiru Gear lasted another life by reforming a Kudaitest known as the Great Invisible World.

He was voiced by Kentarō Itō, who also voiced Mogudrago, a Manhole Banki, Toome, and the Great Invisible World.


The Invisible World made his first appearance as he was spotted by the pirates as Zox shoots him from his hiding place. However judging by his appearance he was thought to be the Invisible Man from H.G Well's novel. With that being said the battle begins. A while later during the fight Zox tried to avoid the attack that was dealt by the Invisible World, but he kept bumping into objects that are already invisible. Thankfully Juran and Gaon showed up as they joined the fight however things look very grim for the Invisible World so he used his Mie Knife and from its handle fired a transparent beam towards them. Most of them dodge the shot except for Juran as he got invisible and the pirate siblings invisible too and with that the Invisible World left scene and here's a catch if they don't defeat the Invisible World anytime soon no one will ever be "seen" again.

As this goes on chaos ensues on the street as vehicles started crashing into invisible objects, as the Invisible World witness the mayhem down below until Zox arrived to stop this mayhem as the battle begins. A while later during the fight Zox marked the target on the bridge and once he fired the explosion has sent the Invisible World off the bridge to ground below, but despite the impact he'd manages to survive. Looks like things were about to wrap that is until he summons a troop of Kudakks and then he fired his transparent beam at the Kudakks making them invisible meaning this fight will be impossible with the invisible troops on the pirate's hand.

However as soon as he's about to leave the Zenkaiger's showed up as a ticked Magine has had enough for ruining the kid's fun of ghost hunting and he's going to pay which totally frightens the Invisible World. After the scary roll call the Invisible World has pointed out their already four of them well that's because Juran is already invisible thanks to him.

After the break the battle begins at a local construction site as the team fights off the Invisible World especially for Juran since the Invisible World can't see him. However the invisible Kudakks are attacking the team so with some magic Magine conjured up a hammer and nail and here's why once she'd hit the flat head towards the ground a bunch of pointy ends began to pop out from the ground hurting the invisible Kudakks feet, then they used Sentai Gear #5 to summon the Vulcan Ball and eliminates the invisible troops. After the Invisible World has dealt some significant damage from both Magine and Juran he was then destroyed by this finisher called Zenkai Buster Finish, thus everyone and everything became visible again.


  • The Invisible World's invisible-theme is a homage to the Invisible Dopant from Kamen Rider W.
  • It is also an homage to Griffin, the villain of the classic film The Invisible Man.


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