Voletta Todd (Earth-616)

Voletta was the niece of World War II superhero, the Blazing Skull. Voletta became a nuclear physicist and was transformed by an experiment gone wrong into a living cloud of ionized plasma known as Ion. Soon after her transformation, Ion came into contact with the robotic hero Machine Man and begged him to kill her, but he declined, and she attacked him as a result.

Voletta then approached the Fantastic Four in the hope that they could change her back to normal, but she just ended up battling the Thing and the Human Torch.

She later came into contact with Machine Man again, who managed to freeze her in cryogenic suspension. After awakening from this suspension, Ion began wearing a containment suit.

Ion was later recruited by Superia for her all-female superhuman army, the Femizons. Ion agreed, on the condition that Superia would find a cure for her condition. As the Femizons traveled on a cruise ship to Superia's island, the mercenary Diamondback was knocked unconscious and thrown overboard by an enemy, and Ion was sent to retrieve her. Later, Ion was among the Femizons who attacked Captain America and Paladin, who had followed Diamondback, but Ion was knocked out by Captain America.

Later, Ion clashed with members of the Squadron Supreme and was taken in to the research facility Project Pegasus.

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