Irias Reginleif
Irias Reginleif is the Stage 4 boss of eXceed 3rd - Jade Penetrate and Black Package. She is an elf who participates in the Cardinal Lord tournament and is a friendly rival to Rayne Lindwurm.

She is voiced by Nana Mizuki, who also voices former villain Fate Testarossa.


Irias is the number two ace in the Belphegor Academy of Sorcery. She is a member of the Elf Clan, which, before deciding to withdraw from affairs and other races' power struggles to live in seclusion, developed devastatingly powerful "forbidden arts".

Eventually, Irias joined the academy after growing tired of living within the secluded elf community. She is 180 years old, which is spritely young for an Elf.

Irias recognizes Rayne as a friendly rival, as the two speak to one another politely and respectfully, wishing one another the best of luck before they do battle with one another in the fourth stage.

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