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Iris Teleton

Iris Teleton is the main antagonist from "Tea Time", episode 4.10 of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

She was portrayed by the late Margaret Leighton.


Iris Teleton is the wife of Oliver Teleton, and in the beginning of the episode, she is confronted by Oliver's mistress named Blanche Herbert. Blanche wanted Iris to divorce Oliver, so they could marry. However, Iris refuses to discover him, even though she does not really love Oliver. Blanche revealed that she had proof that Iris had been having an affair of her own, in the form of a letter Iris wrote to her lover. Iris promised to pay her off for the letter and divorce Oliver.

As she arrived home, Iris devised an evil plan to kill Blanche, taking Oliver's gun as she went to meet Blanche at her home, where construction was being done. Iris offered Blanche her jewels as a payment for the letter, but Blanche only tore the note in half and gave her one half; holding the other until she receives the rest of her payment. With the construction getting louder, the evil Iris unleashed her gun and pointed it at Blanche, and revealed that she planned to kill her and set up Oliver for the murder. Under the cover of the construction noises, Iris killed Blanche with a single shot, and then recovered the rest of the note and her jewels. She also placed Oliver's button from his blazer in Blanche's hand as part of her plan.

Once Iris arrived back home, however, she was shocked to hear Oliver on the phone with a private detective that he sent to track Iris. Not only that, the note that Blanche had was a copy, and Oliver had the original. Iris also learned that Oliver had a new mistress that he planned to marry. After seeing the young woman, Iris was left defeated as her villainous plans had unraveled.


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